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Filmotomy Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 – Day 8

Who Decorated That Christmas Tree?

It’s time to launch the annual Christmastime celebrations in Gotham City, and the mayor has invited a certain local mover and shaker to say a few words. Max Shreck, a conniving department store tycoon whose factories are environmentally offensive, steps up to the microphone. Behind him stands a massive decorated tree to rival Rockefeller Center’s. As Shreck halfheartedly spouts about wishing he could hand out world peace wrapped in a big bow, a colossal gift box rolls out. It catches everyone’s eye—then a chaotic company of freak show performers burst forth from their festive Trojan horse to rain hell on Gotham City’s merriment, and to abduct Shreck.

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From the sewer watches the mastermind of it all: the diabolical Penguin. A few decades prior to this yuletide attack, Oswald Cobblepot was born, malformed and bloodthirsty, to affluent jerks who could not handle the idea of raising such a monstrosity, so they shut him in a basket and tossed him into a stream, you know, as one does…

Eventually, he floated into the sewer, then to a subterranean penguin exhibit beneath the now-defunct Arctic World, where he grew up to become a lecherous grinch with a fondness for unflattering onesies. And this wild Shreck kidnapping is only the beginning of the Penguin’s holiday havoc!

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