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Film Honors: 2000

My own personal choices for the year. They reflect not just necessarily what I think is the best or essential cinema, but perhaps resonate with me or inspire, both at the time, and still today. Subject to alter choices based on viewings.

Score Composing

Jean-Benoît Dunckel, Nicolas Godin (The Virgin Suicides)
Ennio Morricone (Malèna)
James Newton Howard (Unbreakable)
Rachel Portman (Chocolat)
Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard (Gladiator)

Sound Designing

Batoru rowaiaru
Cast Away
Requiem for a Dream

Actress Support

Kate Hudson (Almost Famous)
Frances McDormand (Almost Famous)
Julie Walters (Billy Elliot)
Kate Winslet (Quills)
Ziyi Zhang (Wo hu cang long)

Set Designing

Jing Ke ci Qin Wang
Wo hu cang long

Actor Support

Benicio Del Toro (Traffic)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Almost Famous)
Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast)
Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator)

Picture Editing

Almost Famous
Batoru rowaiaru
Requiem for a Dream

Actor Lead

Javier Bardem (Before Night Falls)
Jim Carrey (Man on the Moon)
Tom Hanks (Cast Away)
Mark Ruffalo (You Can Count On Me)
Geoffrey Rush (Quills)

Costume Designing

The Cell
The House of Mirth
Wo hu cang long

Actress Lead

Ellen Burstyn (Requiem for a Dream)
Björk (Dancer in the Dark)
Isabelle Huppert (Merci pour le Chocolat)
Laura Linney (You Can Count On Me)
Charlotte Rampling (Sous le sable)

Cast Ensemble

Almost Famous
Best in Show
Italiensk for begyndere
Yi Yi


Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream)
Kinji Fukasaku (Batoru rowaiaru)
Ang Lee (Wo hu cang long)
Christopher Nolan (Memento)
Steven Soderbergh (Traffic)

Special Effects

Hollow Man
Mission: Impossible II
The Perfect Storm


Roger Deakins (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
Lajos Koltai (Malèna)
Edward Lachman (The Virgin Suicides)
Matthew Libatique (Requiem for a Dream)
Peter Pau (Wo hu cang long)

Screenwriting Adapted

Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides)
D.V. DeVincentis, Steve Pink, John Cusack, Scott Rosenberg (High Fidelity)
Stephen Gaghan (Traffic)
Steve Kloves (Wonder Boys)
Lone Scherfig (Italiensk for begyndere)

Screenwriting Original

Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous)
Abbas Kiarostami (Bad ma ra khahad bord)
Kenneth Lonerghan (You Can Count On Me)
Louis Mellis, David Scinto (Sexy Beast)
Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan (Memento)

Motion Picture

Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe) USA
Batoru rowaiaru (Kinji Fukasaku) Japan
Before Night Falls (Julian Schnabel) USA
Wo hu cang long (Ang Lee) Taiwan / China
Memento (Christopher Nolan) USA
Rang-e khoda (Majid Majidi) Iran
Sånger från andra våningen (Roy Andersson) Sweden / Norway / Denmark
Traffic (Steven Soderbergh) USA
Yi Yi (Edward Yang) Taiwan / Japan
You Can Count On Me (Kenneth Lonerghan) USA

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