Bee’s Bergman Diary – Wild Strawberries

When I was told that we were celebrating the 100th Birthday of Ingmar Bergman, I was a little embarrassed by the sheer lack of Bergman films I have watched. I’ve always intended to get around to watching more of the auteur’s filmography, but for some reason life has always gotten in the way. There are […]

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VOTE – The Greatest Films of Ingmar Bergman

On the 14th July iconic Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman would have turned 100 years-old. Sadly no longer with us, we are extremely passionate about making sure the celebrations are, above all, cinematic. Bergman was a filmmaker who more than earned his acclaim, and any excuse to honor his vast work is a welcome treat. So […]

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A Guide for Bergman Beginners

When I heard that Filmotomy would be doing an Ingmar Bergman series to commemorate what would be his 100th birthday, I could barely contain my excitement! In the last few years, I’ve gone from seeing my first Bergman film (The Seventh Seal) to now holding him up as one of my very favorite directors. I […]

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