Film Honors: The Films Of Tim Burton

I like to make all your lives easier so thought I would break down my own Film Honors featuring the films of Tim Burton in at-a-glance form. As you’ll discover, an abundance of mentions for many of his films given the technical flair Burton is renowned for, but no win for Directing or Motion Picture […]

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Listmania: 5 Favorite Tim Burton Movies

#DirectorsWeekend – #TimBurton – Friday August 4th – Sunday August 6th Tim Burton is one of those directors to me where when I think of his movies, the first thoughts I have are of 1, how strange his movies are, and 2, how much he was great at genre movies. His movies might be strange, but […]

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Vote: The 10 Best From Tim Burton

  The thing with enigmatic film director Tim Burton, for me anyway, is that his appeal has been diluted over the years largely due to the mediocre, sometimes plain bad, movies he has churned out of late. I know times and tastes in the film world have changed since the late eighties and early nineties, […]

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