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5 Unopened Christmas Treats – Television

It is probably no secret to you, that I love writing, here on the blog, and my screenwriting. But I would also like to declare that I also love Christmas. And in the next few days I am really looking forward to just putting the laptop down a while, putting my notes aside, and just vegetating in front of the television. I am not sure what is scheduled yet, I haven’t looked. Quite a few Christmas specials I suspect. I’ll no doubt hook up the HDMI and create my own spontaneous Christmas TV schedule. For now, here are five Christmas-related scenes you surely have not seen enough of – if at all.

One quick comment, Christmas is a time to share so I would like to wish all reading this a wonderful festive holiday.

The US version of The Office carried over the comedic tone of the UK version much better than I suspect a lot of people first thought. Churning out season after season, there was plenty of opportunities for Jim (John Krasinski) to prank Dwight (Rainn Wilson) – a trademark subplot made famous by the original (with Tim and Gareth). You could easily pluck one such scene out of the air then, but I opted for Jim wrapping (when he found the time to do that simply does not matter in comedy) all of Dwight’s work equipment in Christmas paper. Brilliant.

The US comedy enterprise that was Friends was a phenomenal success, and brought with it classic episodes, story-lines, and scenes for the big holidays. Perhaps more famous for the Thanksgiving episodes, Friends also treat us to some classic Christmas moments. When the holiday armadillo (Ross) tries to encourage young Ben (his son) about alternative festive morals, he faces a dilemma in the form of Santa Claus himself (Chandler). It is a terrific exchange between the two characters stubbornly trying to hold onto their temporary personas – while Monica enjoys the festivities before offering her Chandler an alternative use of his Christmas outfit. Bless them.
I find Community under-rated. I say this because I also find it quite brilliant. One of the components of its genius is that it tends to throw at us the adventures and squabbles of this community college study group via some diverse formats. In this case, for a Christmas story were Abed’s imagination invites the group to actually save him (and find the meaning of Christmas), we are witness to winsome stop-motion animation. Their fable leads right along to the final battle song, which while still funny and somewhat exciting, is also surprisingly uplifting. Coolcoolcool.
I’m not really a fan of Dr Who, like a fan of Dr Who. When I was a kid I watched it from time to time. And like many other kids out there it fascinated and scared me in equal measures. Now, as an adult, when I see there is a Christmas special on the television I am not tripping over things to rush and see it. I saw the 2010 Dr Who Christmas Special quite by accident with the wife, and I think I speak on both out behalves when I say it brought tears to the eyes. It features Matt Smith as the Doctor, the great Michael Gambon (the best spoken voice in the business?), and the beautiful Katherine Jenkins (the best singing voice in Wales?) – the latter demonstrates her emotive vocals in this crowning scene. Magic.
The will they / won’t they romantic story-line between Tim (Martin Freeman) and Dawn (Lucy Davis) in the UK (and original) version The Office was wrapped up in the season two Christmas Special – which was the last chapter of the Ricky Gervais creation. Having escaped the dour UK lifestyle, Dawn and fiance Lee return to attend the Christmas party, and it is clear the sparks and love are still there between Dawn and Tim. When they (and us watching it) think she has left for good again, and after unwrapping her inspirational and sweet gift by Tim, Dawn eventually, finally, makes the right decision. Bravo!


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