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Carpe diem: Robin Williams One Year Gone

With a year gone by already since the incredibly sad loss of Robin Williams, how can I not be inspired by his legacy to write poetry, right now, about five of his greatest film performances?

Oh if only I had three wishes, there is one that I would hold,
As we remember a unique talent, the definition of comedy gold.
His portrayal of the genie meant the animators worked around him,
That improvising, natural comic ability really is a rare thing.

In his consistently excellent voice work, of which there were many,
He was right to state “You ain’t never had a friend like me.”,
A Disney film accessible to all ages, hilarious and impacting,
He shone a huge light on the need for awards to honor voice acting.

He finally got his golden statuette for a rather poignant role,
Where he met his wife in a bar, missing Pudge hitting Pesky’s Pole.
He’d long since proven his transition to the dramatic performance,
Here giving another smart kid from Southie, a fighting chance.

In Sean’s capable hands, Will was always going to be fine,
And still that son of a bitch, he went and stole your line.
Soon he would don a dress, a wig, mimicking a Scottish nanny,
Just so he can spend time with his kids Lydia, Chris and Natalie.

The consequences of this are of course hilarious throughout,
He continues to show a diverse and unmatched comedy clout.
Inept at first with cooking, cleaning, the whole palaver,
His cross-dressing experiences ultimately make him a better father.

You not only taught those boarding school boys, but us as well,
That this life is far too short to bicker, waste, or dwell.
Bravo Mr. Keating, letting their promise free from the cages,
Of poems, of acting, inspiration, in tearing out the pages.

You were dismissed as a role model, no matter the good you do,
In the end those kids would literally stand up for you.
They tried to silence your voice as well during that war,
Defeated, you pushed the mic away, speaking no more.

That startling Boom! only added to the horrid situation,
You clenched your hat, and aired your frustration,
You thought that boy was your friend, now he runs away,
Declaring that “This will not look good on a resume!”.

Ironic that line is, because your performance was giant,
Upon your illustrious film repertoire we have become reliant.
You made me love these movies dearly long before the end,
I wish you were here today, so I could call you my friend.

A genie, a shrink, a teacher, a DJ, and a dad,
So much joy and laughter you gave us, I don’t want to feel sad,
So I’m writing no more, instead I climb atop my desk and say:
“O Captain, my captain, I’m seizing the day.”


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