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Filmotomy Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 – Day 7

Christmas Sing-Along-Song

The Muppets, and Charles Dickens. Two things that shouldn’t necessarily go together, but the Muppet Christmas Carol based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, is a delight. Full of hilarious jokes, heart-felt moments and of course catchy songs, out of all the adaptations of this famous short novella, personally Muppet Christmas Carol is my favourite.

Out of all the songs from the film, I have decided to focus on ‘Scrooge’ which the muppet cast sing when we are first introduced to Scrooge (Michael Caine at his most grumpiness). With lyrics like ”Oh! There goes Mr. Humbug, there goes Mr. Grim, If they have a prize for being mean, the winner would be him!” and ”Even the vegetables don’t like him!” it’s a simple song which the whole family can sing along to.”

The song isn’t just silly fun, there are actually lyrics which we can all reflect on such as, ”He must be so lonely, he must be so sad, he goes to extremes to convince us he’s bad! He’s really a victim of fear and of pride, look close and there must be a sweet man inside.” This suggests that when those around us act really viciously, and hateful then it’s because they are lonely and suffering from their own problems (something which we might want to consider when dealing with trolls online).

This is an upbeat song, that never fails to get in me in the mood for Christmas and the story of A Christmas Carol is one we can all learn from, as no one is lonelier than a grumpy, bitter old man! Don’t be a Scoorge this christmas, be a muppet!

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