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Femme Filmmakers Festival Exclusive: Patricia Chica Teases Us With Morning After

Patricia Chica’s as-yet-unreleased new short film, Morning After, is a sizzling array of sexual tension. Gorgeously shot from the opening frames, you can almost feel the heat of the sun. And once we meet our five protagonists, the heat hardly simmers down.

Shots of liquor are downed, kisses cause quite a stir, blindfolds make for exhilarating taste tests. Faces open up like butterflies, excitement ripples on the skin’s surface, smiles come with a blush of the cheeks. There’s also the odd face that drops – be it of jealousy, of nervousness, of arousal – with these young souls come attractions and temptations, and feelings cross the streams.

Morning After is pretty infectious. Inch for inch, keeps the temperature above normal, through the young acting ensemble, through a script that lets the actions do the talking. The cinematography, too, captures the mood through color, light, but also the skin tones of the characters. An abundance of kissing has hardly looked as delicious.

Patricia Chica directs with a patient, subtle zest. A shame, on this occasion, that Morning After is out of competition at the Femme Filmmakers Festival. However, I spoke to the director briefly, and she gave us exclusive access to some excellent behind the scenes photographs, and stills from the film. Bookmark this one, the Facebook page is a click away, as is the behind the scenes documentary, which is well worth a look – and please check out the photo gallery too:


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