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Festival De Cannes Sélection Officielle: Ma Loute

The first rule about not being in Cannes is that you can still talk about Cannes.
Ma Loute (Slack Bay)
Bruno Dumont
France, Germany
French auteur Bruno Dumont is quite the veteran in these parts, winning 3 prizes over the years in Cannes, twice a Grand Prize of the Jury bridesmaid for Flandres and L’humanité. His twist in direction this time around follows similar themes of mystery and murder, but applies a broad comic touch to 1910, as well as paying respect to the silent era of cinema. Some eccentric behaviour from the fascinating cast, including Juliette Binoche, who goes together with Cannes like peas and carrots. The film’s French coastal setting and extravagant period costumes might make for refreshing familiarity at the festival.
Are this year’s jury in the mood for comedy? The less gruelling movies (which are few and far between) tend to repel the main prizes. Plus Dumont has donned the Grand Prize twice already – he may be a spectator this time around.
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