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Film Honors: 1995

My own personal choices for the year. They reflect not just necessarily what I think is the best or essential cinema, but perhaps resonate with me or inspire, both at the time, and still today. Subject to alter choices based on viewings.

Actress Support

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Il Postino)
Isabelle Huppert (La Cérémonie)
Gwyneth Paltrow (Seven)
Nathalie Richard (Haut bas fragile)
Kate Winslet (Sense and Sensibility)

Screenwriting Original

Dusan Kovacevic, Emir Kusturica (Underground)
Kim Krizan, Richard Linklater (Before Sunrise)
Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects)
Éric Rohmer (Les rendez-vous de Paris)
Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven)

Screenwriting Adapted

Claude Chabrol, Caroline Eliacheff (La cérémonie)
Buck Henry (To Die For)
Anna Pavignano, Michael Radford, Furio Scarpelli, Giacomo Scarpelli, Massimo Troisi (Il postino)
Tim Robbins (Dead Man Walking)
Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility)

Actor Lead

Robert De Niro (Heat)
Morgan Freeman (Seven)
Al Pacino (Heat)
Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking)
Massimo Troisi (Il postino)

Actor Support

Ed Harris (Apollo 13)
Philippe Noiret (Il postino)
Gary Sinise (Apollo 13)
Kevin Spacey (Seven)
Kevin Spacey (The Usual Suspects)

Actress Lead

Sandrine Bonnaire (La cérémonie)
Julie Delpy (Before Sunrise)
Nicole Kidman (To Die For)
Julianne Moore (Safe)
Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking)

Picture Editing

La haine

Special Effects

Apollo 13

Score Composing

Luis Bacalov (Il postino)
Goran Bregovic (Underground)
James Horner (Braveheart)
Randy Newman (Toy Story)
Thomas Newman (How to Make an American Quilt)


Pierre Aïm (La haine)
Darius Khondji (La cité des enfants perdus)
Darius Khondji (Seven)
Dante Spinotti (Heat)
John Toll (Braveheart)

Costume Designing

Il postino
La cité des enfants perdus
A Little Princess
Sense and Sensibility

Set Designing

Apollo 13
La cité des enfants perdus
A Little Princess
Sense and Sensibility

Sound Designing

Apollo 13
Die Hard: With a Vengeance
Toy Story

Cast Ensemble

Haut bas fragile
Les rendez-vous de Paris
Sense and Sensibility
The Usual Suspects


Claude Chabrol (La cérémonie)
David Fincher (Seven)
Emir Kusturica (Underground)
Michael Mann (Heat)
Jacques Rivette (Haut bas fragile)

Motion Picture

Braveheart (Mel Gibson) USA
Haut bas fragile (Jacques Rivette) France
Heat (Michael Mann) USA
Il postino (Michael Radford) Italy / Spain
La cérémonie (Claude Chabrol) France / Germany
La haine (Mathieu Kassovitz) France
Les rendez-vous de Paris (Éric Rohmer) France
Seven (David Fincher) USA
Underground (Emir Kusturica) Bulgaria / Czech Republic / France / Germany / Hungary / Yugoslavia (Serbia)
The Usual Suspects (Bryan Singer) USA

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