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Pan’s Labyrinth defeats Amelie in the Filmotomy World Cup Final 2018

There is no official such party as the Film Integrated Soccer Association (FISA), but it exists as long as we can combine football / soccer with the world of film. And so that is what we did. Combining the format of the current World Cup with our love for movies. International cinema. And here we are at the final two.



– – – LIVE – – –

WINNER 🇲🇽 MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth) 62

Runner-Up 🇫🇷 FRANCE (Amelie) 38



4th Place 🇯🇵 JAPAN (Spirited Away) 42-58 3rd Place 🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road)



🇯🇵 JAPAN (Spirited Away) 33-67 🇲🇽 MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth)

🇫🇷 FRANCE (Amelie) 60-40 🇦🇺 AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road)


Thu, Jun 21 — IRAN (A Separation) 🇮🇷 20-80 🇯🇵 JAPAN (Spirited Away)

Thu, Jun 21 — FRANCE (Amelie) 🇫🇷 74-26 🇩🇪 GERMANY (Run Lola Run)

Thu, Jun 21 — MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth) 🇲🇽 70-21 🇰🇷 SOUTH KOREA (Oldboy)

Thu, Jun 21 — AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road) 🇦🇺 59-41 🇸🇪 SWEDEN (Let the Right One In)


Tue, Jun 19 — IRAN (A Separation) 81-19 COLOMBIA (Maria Full of Grace)

Tue, Jun 19 — CROATIA (Halima’s Path) 7-93 FRANCE (Amelie)

Tue, Jun 19 — MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth) 69-31 BRAZIL (City of God)

Tue, Jun 19 — POLAND (Ida) 33-67 AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Wed, Jun 20 — SWEDEN (Let the Right One In) 71-29 ARGENTINA (Wild Tales)

Wed, Jun 20 — DENMARK (Melancholia) 18-82 SOUTH KOREA (Oldboy)

Wed, Jun 20 — RUSSIA (Leviathan) 25-75 GERMANY (Run Lola Run)

Wed, Jun 20 — PORTUGAL (Tabu) 0-100 JAPAN (Spirited Away)




1. IRAN (A Separation) 9pts +292
2. CROATIA (Halima’s Path) 6pts +132
3. SENEGAL (Mossane) 3pts +103
4. NIGERIA (Mother of George) 0pts +73

CROATIA (Halima’s Path) 67-33 SENEGAL (Mossane)
IRAN (A Separation) 100-0 NIGERIA (Mother of George)
NIGERIA (Mother of George) 43-57 CROATIA (Halima’s Path)
SENEGAL (Mossane) 0-100 IRAN (A Separation)
NIGERIA (Mother of George) 30-70 SENEGAL (Mossane)
IRAN (A Separation) 92-8 CROATIA (Halima’s Path)




1. MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth) 9pts +250
2. POLAND (Ida) 6pts +194
3. BELGIUM (Rosetta) 3pts +67
4. EGYPT (Clash) 0pts +89

BELGIUM (Rosetta) 0-100 POLAND (Ida)
EGYPT (Clash) 29-71 MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth)
MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth) 100-0 BELGIUM (Rosetta)
POLAND (Ida) 73-27 EGYPT (Clash)
MEXICO (Pan’s Labyrinth) 79-21 POLAND (Ida)
EGYPT (Clash) 33-67 BELGIUM (Rosetta)




1. FRANCE (Amelie) 9pts +281
2. COLOMBIA (Maria Full of Grace) 6pts +184
3. SERBIA (Underground) 3pts +91
4. PANAMA (Salsipuedes) 0pts +22

COLOMBIA (Maria Full of Grace) 100-0 SERBIA (Underground)
FRANCE (Amelie) 100-0 PANAMA (Salsipuedes)
PANAMA (Salsipuedes) 22-78 COLOMBIA (Maria Full of Grace)
SERBIA (Underground) 13-87 FRANCE (Amelie)
PANAMA (Salsipuedes) 22-78 SERBIA (Underground)
FRANCE (Amelie) 94-6 COLOMBIA (Maria Full of Grace)




1. AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road) 9pts +236
2. BRAZIL (City of God) 6pts +237
3. SPAIN (All About My Mother) 3pts +120
4. TUNISIA (The Silences of the Palace) 0pts +7

AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road) 100-0 TUNISIA (The Silences of the Palace)
BRAZIL (City of God) 100-0 SPAIN (All About My Mother)
SPAIN (All About My Mother) 27-73 AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road)
TUNISIA (The Silences of the Palace) 0-100 BRAZIL (City of God)
SPAIN (All About My Mother) 93-7 TUNISIA (The Silences of the Palace)
BRAZIL (City of God) 37-63 AUSTRALIA (Mad Max: Fury Road)




1. SWEDEN (Let the Right One In) 9pts +206
2. DENMARK (Melancholia) 6pts +147
3. SWITZERLAND (Three Colors: Red) 3pts +123
4. ENGLAND (Shaun of the Dead) 0pts +124

DENMARK (Melancholia) 78-22 SWITZERLAND (Three Colors: Red)
ENGLAND (Shaun of the Dead) 36-64 SWEDEN (Let the Right One In)
SWEDEN (Let the Right One In) 83-17 DENMARK (Melancholia)
SWITZERLAND (Three Colors: Red) 60-40 ENGLAND (Shaun of the Dead)
SWEDEN (Let the Right One In) 59-41 SWITZERLAND (Three Colors: Red)
ENGLAND (Shaun of the Dead) 48-52 DENMARK (Melancholia)




1. RUSSIA (Leviathan) 9pts +225
2. PORTUGAL (Tabu) 4pts +134
3. ICELAND (101 Reykjavik) 3pts +133
4. SAUDI ARABIA (Wadjda) 1pts +108

ICELAND (101 Reykjavik) 71-29 SAUDI ARABIA (Wadjda)
PORTUGAL (Tabu) 20-80 RUSSIA (Leviathan)
RUSSIA (Leviathan) 74-26 ICELAND (101 Reykjavik)
SAUDI ARABIA (Wadjda) 50-50 PORTUGAL (Tabu)
RUSSIA (Leviathan) 71-29 Saudi Arabia (Wadjda)
PORTUGAL (Tabu) 64-36 ICELAND (101 Reykjavik)




1. SOUTH KOREA (Oldboy) 9pts +229
2. ARGENTINA (Wild Tales) 6pts +179
3. URUGUAY (Breadcrumbs) 3pts +101
4. MOROCCO (Aida) 0pts +91

ARGENTINA (Wild Tales) 88-12 URUGUAY (Breadcrumbs)
MOROCCO (Aida) 20-80 SOUTH KOREA (Oldboy)
SOUTH KOREA (Oldboy) 64-36 ARGENTINA (Wild Tales)
URUGUAY (Breadcrumbs) 74-26 MOROCCO (Aida)
SOUTH KOREA (Oldboy) 85-15 URUGUAY (Breadcrumbs)
MOROCCO (Aida) 45-55 ARGENTINA (Wild Tales)




1. JAPAN (Spirited Away) 9pts +245
2. GERMANY (Run Lola Run) 6pts +214
3. COSTA RICA (Maikol Yordan Traveling Lost) 3pts +87
4. PERU (Madeinusa) 0pts +54

COSTA RICA (Maikol Yordan Traveling Lost) 60-40 PERU (Madeinusa)
GERMANY (Run Lola Run) 36-64 JAPAN (Spirited Away)
JAPAN (Spirited Away) 87-13 COSTA RICA (Maikol Yordan Traveling Lost)
PERU (Madeinusa) 8-92 GERMANY (Run Lola Run)
JAPAN (Spirited Away) 94-6 Peru (Madeinusa)
GERMANY (Run Lola Run) 86-14 COSTA RICA (Maikol Yordan Traveling Lost)

We took the football (soccer) tournament format – 32 teams competing in 8 groups of 4, with 16 qualifying for the knock out (round robin) stages. Only with the actual 32 nations competing in the football contest, we’ve selected a modern film equivalent from those nations (through a painstaking selection process). For example, had the likes of Greece and Italy qualified maybe we could have had Dogtooth and The Great Beauty in competition. As it is, we have 32 films from all over the world that will now compete in our FISA World Cup.

The 8 groups of 4 nations were decided by a closed draw compiled by Robin Write, attributing randomly the numbers 1-32 to the nation’s / films. The groups were then draw in sequence by Bianca Garner and Rob Motto, by selecting numbers from the range, on Thursday 14th June. The winners of each match up will be determined by Twitter #filmworldcup votes. Each nation goes head-to-head with the other 3 in the group. The two highest scoring nations qualify for the second round. From then on a straight knock out right until the final.



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