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Filmotomy’s New Year’s Resolutions: Aaron’s List

As the new year quickly approaches us, we have decided to set out our new year’s resolutions for 2019. As we are all about the world of cinema here at Filmotomy, our new year’s resolutions are film related. These are a selection of films that we have always set out to see but until now, we have never got around to doing so. Please keep checking back with us through out the year to see whether we managed to keep our new year’s resolutions.

following words by Aaron Charles

The New Year always brings with it the tradition of beginning resolutions. Some find the practice cliché, as most of us dispense with our resolution before January is even finished. However, I think there is something to be said for beginning the year with purpose and verbalizing your intentions for the coming year. The difficulty comes in taking it from simply spoken words to realized success.

When it comes to movies, we all have our watch lists. You know, those films you’ve always wanted to see but simply haven’t gotten around to yet. My watch list remains quite long even though I’ve been on a mission over the last two years and change to clear away many of the cinematic blind spots that have persisted for me. As 2019 begins, I have another opportunity to shrink that watch list, and I’m so excited for the cinematic joys that are in store.

The team at Filmotomy has decided to share our film resolutions for the coming year. Each person will give three films they intend to see over the next 365 days. My watch list is surely longer than three films, so I found the prospect of narrowing my list to be rather daunting. To make things easier, I’ve split mine up into three categories – one commonly hailed “great” film, one film from a director I already love and one film that intrigues me based upon similarities to other films I love.

Tokyo Story

Tokyo Story (1953) directed by Yasujiro Ozu

This Yasujiro Ozu classic is routinely considered one of the greatest films ever made. I haven’t seen any of Ozu’s films, and I’ve been wanting to dive into his filmography for quite some time. I am determined to make this the year that I finally watch this classic film.

Fanny and Alexander

Fann and Alexander (1982) directed by Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman is my favorite director, and this is the last of his most famous films that I have yet to see. Though it is a long film, I’m eagerly awaiting the opportunity to spend a Saturday afternoon watching this. If it’s anything like my past experiences with Bergman, this will be one to remember.

Diary of a Country Priest

Diary of a Country Priest (1951) directed by Robert Bresson

Having already stated my affinity for Bergman, couple that with my love for the work of Paul Schrader, and I definitely want to give this classic film from Robert Bresson a try. Bresson is another director whose work I have yet to experience. From what I hear, this film would be a fantastic place to start.

So, there you have it – my 2019 film resolutions. Looking forward to watching these and many others in the coming year!


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