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Let’s Tell Horror Movie Scary Stories

These days when I think about horror films, or get into a discussion about them, one of the main strands tends to be regarding the credibility and impact of the genre. Standard formula, churned out, a lot of it is utter garbage – though that in itself is a source of entertainment often. But we don’t particularly want farce or failed execution, we sometimes just want to be scared shitless. Some modern day horror films do pack quite a fearful punch, but a lot leave something to be desired.

So let’s tell some scary stories. Dig deep into your memories and your subconscious, of horror films you’ve seen that gave a lasting impression, gave you nightmares, but really, I want to read those stories of your experiences of the genre that screamed the loudest. The scariest scenes ever. The highest you ever jumped from a shock. A horror character who won’t leave you alone. Perhaps something brought fear to your soul from a movie that was not even a horror. Your youngest memory of cinematic fear. Perhaps something that stills scares the bejesus out of you today. Great horror moments. I think you get the picture.

I have many examples, which I may save for later. One would be seeing Paranormal Activity many years ago while my now wife lived in Greece. We stayed in a lovely cottage in Kent, England, for a week, and although not super-terrified by the movie, it had its fair share of compelling chills. One morning, we found the ceiling door up into the loft not only open, but turned, twisted almost half-way. We can blame the wind for that, air pressure, whatever else we feel was a natural, logical explanation for it. But we did not do it, couldn’t reach it, and had no ladder. The fact is, that was very weird, especially given the very similar spooky situations in Paranormal Activity. In fact, that exact same thing happens in the movie. Very spooky. That freaked us out a bit, I won’t lie. True story.

All I am asking is for your little horror movie stories, be it 50 words or 400, doesn’t matter. Share your scary film experiences via my email – – and I will publish them very soon.

I’ll tell you what else is spooky: I am just done editing this, image already embedded, and about to post it – I check the time which is 11:16 here in the UK, that’s 3:16 in Los Angeles and America West — Just saying…


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