* LIVE * Watch Oscar Nominations Announced

Javier Bardem, Queen Latifah, Behn Zeitlin, and many others got brief screams or applause or even a “wow” when their names were called out – or even a cheer as Naomi Watts or Michael Shannon discovered – during various announcements of the Oscar nominations. And now, here we are, about to find out the nominees for 2016. In case you missed them, check out Al Robinson’s final predictions and my 7 potential spoilers too. Otherwise, the Academy Award nominations are announced shortly, depending where you are, commencing at:

5:18 a.m. PST

8:18 a.m. EST

1:18 p.m. GMT

9:18 p.m. CST

The free live stream is below, but feel free to check out the Oscars 2016 coverage at the official site. Enjoy, and I’ll see you later to discuss the snubs…


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