Oscar-Winner Acting Tournament – * Winner *

It’s over. All over. You have voted for the best Oscar-winning performance of the century. Click below for the full draw and results, and scroll even further for the winner.


The Winner Is…

DANIEL DAY-LEWIS as Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood

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It was never really in doubt was it? I mean, even when the likes of Helen Mirren and Christof Waltz left the competition in the first round, or the internet rumble when Mo’Nique was defeated, Daniel Day-Lewis was always the favorite. A huge Bravo as well to Natalie Portman who made the final, claiming her victory as the best Oscar-winning actress of the century.

Thank you, a bloody massive one, for all who voted on this marvelous tournament. A huge pat on the back too goes to Daniel Smith-Rowsey (another double-barrelled surname Daniel), who devised this very event – and thanks good man for approaching me with this. How about we now take the non-winning Oscar nominated actors and actresses and create a brand new epic acting tournament?! I’m up for it!


Feel free to comment below about your own highs and lows of the tournament.


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