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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #16 *Baby News*

I’m going to be cheeky here and link back, firstly, to my own life. Though I don’t want to make this all about me. Right? Some of you may or may not be already aware, but the wife and I found out very recently that our little girl (who I currently tag Regan due to her threenage phase) will be blessed with a little sister or brother sometime next year – meaning we will collectively be the parents of two. In a very stressful, busy, time of change and progress, this stands out as shining, joyful news. Truly. The sad part for me, is that in an over-early discussion of potential names, initial throw-out-there ideas from me – Rosetta, Ramona, Randall, Truman – were politely rejected by the wife. Our love will indeed survive this.

Okay, let’s back to the business in hand. Some of the brighter sparks from the internet from the past week or so that caught my eyes, ears, or sense of directions perhaps. Some not so much film-related, but I am sure you can get through it. I have been super-occupied too so the time dedicated to other sources has been regretfully limited (only 7 links today – oh the shame):

The #FollowMeTo Couple’s Jaw-Dropping Honeymoon Pics, posted by Neha Prakash (Mashable)

Watch: Vogue Original Shorts with Anna Ewers, by Vogue

5 Reasons Movie Ticket Prices Have Gone Through the Roof, by Todd Cunningham (The Wrap)

1995 Bonus Podcast, by Nathaniel Rogers (The Film Experience)

EmmyWatch: Who Leads The Race Coming Out Of The Nominations? by Clarence Moye (Awards Daily TV)

Yes, He Was Our Chaplin: A Robin Williams Birthday Tribute, by Daniel Smith-Rowsey (Awards Daily)

‘Rebecca’: Why Hitchcock’s First American Film Was So Ahead Of Its Time, by Cinephilia & Beyond



  1. Al Robinson Al Robinson July 27, 2015

    Big Congratulations Robin!! But, does this mean you'll have less time to watch and write about movies?

  2. Robin Write Robin Write July 28, 2015

    Thanks. And with the sleep patterns of the first 6 months it could work both ways.You lot might have to run the site for me. I should be fine though. Fingers crossed.

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