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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #23

So much to see and read and remember. As we look back 30 years, to this very day in fact according to Back to the Future II, and wonder why those self-fastening shoes and hover boards are not on the market – in spite of how far we have come in that time. Of course I could not let today pass by without mentioning that glorious franchise. That is not the only source of Joy I invite you to this time around with actresses screaming louder for pay equality in the film business, and the animate genre makes a cracking case for an Oscar Best Picture appearance. Speaking of Oscars, please let’s not forget the marvel that is Ex Machina, and so that is where we start with a piece I plucked from the archives (April) as time does not matter when you feel this passionate about something.

Alex Garland Talks Ex Machina
Bill Graham (The Film Stage)

Die Hard: Reinventing The Hollywood Action Genre
Cinephilia & Beyond

Jennifer Lawrence Blasts Gender Pay Inequality In Hollywood
Maane Khatchatourian (Variety)

Take A Peek Inside Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’: Character Sketches and Movie Inspiration
Jovi Figueroa (Inquisitr)

Let’s Talk Back to the Future – 150 Links

Daniel Smith-Rowsey (Map To The Future)

I was going to say that the following was a little bonus, but there is nothing small about the prolific film writing of Paddy Mulholland of Screen On Screen (You’re a fool if you are not following him yet), and very recently his unsurpassed coverage of the London Film Festival. As I contemplate joining him for LFF next season I suggest you take the time to visit his “diary” over at Awards Daily – by that I mean not merely clicking a couple of links and looking at the pictures, I mean take in every day and read every word.
Paddy Mulholland (Awards Daily)



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