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Results: The Not So Predictable Oscars Quiz

So let’s get these results out in the open. I know you are all popping blood vessels in anticipation. To sum up, there were 25 questions revolving around the Oscars, the kind of truly ridiculously trivia that only super-nerds like me know. I mean, experts, super-experts. Yeah right. So from those 25 questions, 50 points (votes) were available, and were spread out across quotations, tricky trivia, and chopped images of Oscars winners. Here, then, the answers section, I’ll reveal all one group at a time.


Let’s start with those Oscar Quotes:
“This is a whole new kind of thing, I am a song and dance man. They are doing a lot of songs here tonight, but nobody asked me.” Who said that after winning an Oscar?
Frank Sinatra on receiving his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for From Here To Eternity.
With regard to the Academy honoring ‘women and the movies’, who said “I look forward to the time when tributes likes this will no longer be necessary, because women will have the same opportunity as men in all fields, and will be honored without regard to gender, but simply for the excellence of their work.”? And what was the significance to the previous year’s awards?
About to announce the Best Director Award to Clint Eastwood for Unforgiven, Barbara Streisand made her views clear, especially apt given she was not nominated for Best Director the year before for The Prince of Tides, in spite of its Best Picture nod. 
On winning an Oscar, who joyfully said “I have wanted to work with the comic chemistry of Jack Nicholson ever since his chicken salad sandwich scene in Five Easy Pieces. And to have have him in bed with such middle-age joy.”?
Shirley MacLaine during her Best Actress speech for Terms of Endearment.
As well as thanking her famous film industry father, who also added “Thank you to the film-maker’s whose movies inspired me while I was writing this script, Antonioni, Wong Kar-wai, Bob Fosse, Godard.”?
Sofia Coppola on winning Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation.
Who is the Oscar winner who said “Thank you Ben and Matt, I still wanna see some ID.”?
Robin Williams, accepting his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Good Will Hunting, and referencing the “kids” Ben Affleck and Matt Damon that wrote and starred in the movie.
Before announcing awards for writing, who sternly declared “I am sick and tired of people exploiting the occasion of the Academy Awards for the propagation of their own personal political propaganda.”? And which actress was he referring to?
Met with a steady applause, Paddy Chayefsky was referring to an earlier political message by Vanessa Redgrave having just won Best Supporting Actress for Julia. – she received a considerable amount of murmurs and boos from the audience.
Who said “You broke my streak.” when accepting his Oscar? And how many nominations, including that win, made up that streak?
Al Pacino, winning for Scent of a Woman. Also nominated for Best Supporting Actor the same year for Glengarry Glen Ross, he was nominated 8 times in total at that time.
Invited to present an award after failing to be nominated, which actor went on to jokingly rant “I am here to present, that’s all I am here to do. Nothing else to worry about. Winning the Oscar is not the most important thing in the world, it is just an honor to be nomin – oh God.”?
With the lack of a Best Actor nomination for The Truman Show, Jim Carrey was invited to the Oscars to announce Best Film Editing. Carrey impersonated eventual surprise winner Roberto Benigni, that he had “jumped into my ocean” – it was widely-acknowledged the comedian had a point.
And onto those Tricky Trivia questions:
What was Billy Crystal referencing in his opening monologue when he said As Good As It Gets was made by The Invisible Man? And which nominee of the same year featured in the latter named movie some 60 years earlier?
Supporting Actress nominee for Titanic, Gloria Stuart, was also in James Whales’ The Invisible Man way back in 1933. The “invisible” part was jokingly referencing the lack of a Best Director nomination for As Good As It Gets director James L. Brooks.
In cryptic terms, this Woman Shone At music composition but without gold. Who is he?
Not sure how many of you have doe cryptic crosswords, but here goes. Woman Shone At was intended as an anagram of Thomas Newman, but as I screwed up here (I replaced an “o” with an “m”, many apologies everyone and Thooas Newman) I guess the answer “Anyone who get this right is a witch” might be worth the points. Though two or three of you got it right.
Moonstruck and Funny Girl succeeded where The People Vs Larry Flynt and Evita did not. Who or what am I referring to?
Cher and Barbara Streisand were music artists nominated, and winning, Oscars for Best Actress, while music artists Courtney Love and Madonna were not even nominated – and many believed they should have.
Call me irresponsible, things have changed when you believe I’m easy, for all we know. What am I talking about here? And what are the movies?
The sentence is made up of five titles of Best Song Oscar winners: “Call Me Irresponsible” from Papa’s Delicate Condition; “Things Have Changed” from Wonder Boys; “When You Believe” from The Prince of Egypt; “I’m Easy” from Nashville; “For All We Know” from Lovers and Other Strangers.
Last minute Lionsgate screener DVDs, Tony Curtis, and Ernest Borgnine, were just three reasons to possibly account for which huge event failing to happen?
Brokeback Mountain failing to win Best Picture – not helped of course by some rather homophobic mud-slinging towards the nature of Ang Lee’s great film by Academy members including Curtis and Borgnine – among others. Eventual shock Best Picture winner Crash was helped on its way by the late dispatch of DVD screeners of the movie by production company Lionsgate. Sigh.
What status do Jennifer Tilly, Jeff Bridges, Debra Winger, William Holden, and Madeline Kahn all share?
All have been Oscar nominated with, and then defeated by, their co-stars of the same film in the respective categories: Dianne Wiest over Jennifer Tilly – Best Supporting Actress for Bullets over Broadway; Ben Johnson over Jeff Bridges – Best Supporting Actor for The Last Picture Show; Shirley MacLaine over Debra Winger – Best Actress for Terms of Endearment; Peter Finch over William Holden – Best Actor for Network; Tatum O’Neal over Madeline Kahn – Best Supporting Actress for Paper Moon.
Two authoritative men were nominated together in the same category 3 times in one decade. One won the Oscar the first time, the other one took the Oscar the second time, and neither won the third time. Which two men am I talking about?
The twosome I was referring to were Bob Fosse and Francis Ford Coppola, who went head-to-head 3 times for Best Director, in 1972 (Fosse won for Cabaret over Coppola’s The Godfather), 1974 (Coppola won for The Godfather Part II over Fosse’s Lenny), and 1979 (neither Fosse for All That Jazz, nor Coppola for Apocalypse Now won).
And finally, the Oscar-Went-To Pictures:
Tilda Swinton – Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton.
Asghar Farhadi – Best Foreign Language Film for A Separation.
Javier Bardem – Best Supporting Actor for No Country For Old Men.
Diane Keaton – Best Actress for Annie Hall.
Liza Minelli – Best Actress for Cabaret.
Kevin Spacey – Best Supporting Actor for The Usual Suspects.
Sidney Poitier – Best Actor for Lilies of the Field.
Anna Paquin – Best Supporting Actress for The Piano.
Russell Crowe – Best Actor for Gladiator.
Kathryn Bigelow – Best Director for The Hurt Locker.
Thank you all for your time to take part, I was pleased with the amount that participated. If you would like to know your score, email me at or comment below. In the meantime here are the Top 10 scorers of the quiz (out of 50) – the Lawrence of Arabias of Oscar knowledge, the Schindler’s List of film quizzes, for the rest of the players, you decide among yourselves whether you’re Chicago, Gandhi, or Crash. Well played all.
43 — Manuel Marques
37 — Filmatelist
35 — Sylvain Labrousse
34 — Anonymous
32 — Steve Schweighofer
30 — Robert Alan Leffers
28 — Susan Wloszczyna
28 — Anonymous
24 — Ryan Adams
23 — Rodrigo




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