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The Not So Predictable Oscars Quiz

*** Contest Now Closed ***



As promised, here is what I initially labelled the Super-Tough Oscars Quiz, but after assembling the whole thing I now have doubts over its difficulty. Regardless, have fun plowing through the following Academy Awards test, which shouldn’t take too much of your time. There are three varieties of brain-teasers, revolving around quotes from the ceremony itself, some standard, yet tricky, general knowledge questions, and a name-the-Oscar winner from the cropped images.
50 “votes” (you know, like points) up for grabs, the most of course wins. Nothing preferential about that. Hopefully. Get your answers down in the embedded quiz below. Deadline is midnight Wednesday (PST), before closing, and votes will be tallied to find the winner. And please, No Cheating! Or mud-slinging. Or heavy campaigning.

As always feel free to rattle on in the comments section below, or even on the Facebook page. I’m also found via Twitter (@WriteoutofLA), as most of you know.

Good luck.


The Not So Predictable Oscars Quiz
1. What was Billy Crystal referencing in his opening monologue when he said As Good As It Gets was made by The Invisible Man? And which nominee of the same year featured in the latter named movie some 60 years earlier? 3 Votes
2. And the Oscar went to: 2 votes
3. “This is a whole new kind of thing, I am a song and dance man. They are doing a lot of songs here tonight, but nobody asked me.” Who said that after winning an Oscar? 1 Vote
4. In cryptic terms, this Woman Shone At music composition but without gold. Who is he? 1 Vote
5. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
6. With regard to the Academy honoring ‘women and the movies’, who said “I look forward to the time when tributes likes this will no longer be necessary, because women will have the same opportunity as men in all fields, and will be honored without regard to gender, but simply for the excellence of their work.”? And what was the significance to the previous year’s awards? 2 Votes 
7. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
8. Moonstruck and Funny Girl succeeded where The People Vs Larry Flynt and Evita did not. Who or what am I referring to? 2 Votes 
9. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
10. On winning an Oscar, who joyfully said “I have wanted to work with the comic chemistry of Jack Nicholson ever since his chicken salad sandwich scene in Five Easy Pieces. And to have have him in bed with such middle-age joy.”? 1 Vote 
11. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
12: As well as thanking her famous film industry father, who also added “Thank you to the film-maker’s whose movies inspired me while I was writing this script, Antonioni, Wong Kar-wai, Bob Fosse, Godard.”1 Vote 
13. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
14. Call me irresponsible, things have changed when you believe I’m easy, for all we know. What am I talking about here? And what are the movies? 7 Votes
15. Last minute Lionsgate screener DVDs, Tony Curtis, and Ernest Borgnine, were just three reasons to possibly account for which huge event failing to happen? 2 Votes
16. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
17. Who is the Oscar winner who said “Thank you Ben and Matt, I still wanna see some ID.”? 1 Vote
18. Before announcing awards for writing, who sternly declared “I am sick and tired of people exploiting the occasion of the Academy Awards for the propagation of their own personal political propaganda.”? And which actress was he referring to? 2 Votes
19. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
20. What status do Jennifer Tilly, Jeff Bridges, Debra Winger, William Holden, and Madeline Kahn all share? 2 Votes
21. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
22. Who said “You broke my streak.” when accepting his Oscar? And how many nominations, including that win, made up that streak? 2 Votes
23. Invited to present an award after failing to be nominated, which actor went on to jokingly rant “I am here to present, that’s all I am here to do. Nothing else to worry about. Winning the Oscar is not the most important thing in the world, it is just an honor to be nomin – oh God.”? 1 Vote
24. And the Oscar went to: 2 Votes
25. Two authoritative men were nominated together in the same category 3 times in one decade. One won the Oscar the first time, the other one took the Oscar the second time, and neither won the third time. Which two men am I talking about? 2 Votes


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