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RESULTS: Writhe out of Hell: A Horror Movie Quiz

I know, I know, I am late getting the results out for the Writhe out of Hell: A Horror Movie Quiz, but have been preoccupied. What with performing an exorcism on my daughter, getting stuck in underground caves, having to deal with a large ape taking my wife – not to mention I can’t find that videotape I watched 6 days ago. Now you have taken down you Halloween decorations, pull up a seat and cast our eyes across the results of the horror movie quiz you all had a good go at. Well, some of you did.
The highest score was 44 (out of 50), which is 88%. There were a magnificent 3 of you that achievement this high score, so congratulations to you. Horror experts indeed. The lowest score was 2 – I can only assume that many of you simply gave up. That, or you were knifed to death while participating, bludgeoned by a goat perhaps, or more likely, a fatal shark attack. The average score, for those that care, was 30.
Here are those all important answers:
1) How does Norman Bates dispose of Marion Crane, the money, and her car?
In a swamp. Pretty easy one to start with, and 80% of you got this right.
2) In Let the Right One In, which puzzle toy does Eli help Oskar to solve?
Rubik’s Cube. Great response to this too. I was surprised and impressed 81% got this one.
3) How does Sarah send her “friend” Beth to her eventual death during their descent?
Hacks leg, leaves for crawlers. Just over a third got this right. But it was very close between all four options.
4) In David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, Eliott and Beverly work together to do what for a living?
Gynecologists. Thought more than 39% would have got this. 22% of you said Demonologists, and 33% said Neurologists.
5) To whom does Chief Brody refer to on the beach when saying “That’s some bad hat”?
Harry. “That’s some bad hat, Harry” is a line spoken by Roy Scheider in Jaws. You may recognise it too at the end of some TV shows as a production company slogan. 45% were correct anyway.
6) How does Hannah’s dad become infected in 28 days Later…?
Blood drops in eye. Pretty easy one again. A whopping 79% thought so too.
7) What does Sadako emerge from before crawling out the TV?
Well. At 97% this was pretty unanimous.
8) Who plays the vampire Count Orlok, soon revealed as Nosferatu?
Max Schreck. Also rather straighter forward with 76% choosing the right answer.
9) In Martyrs, what action does Mademoiselle ultimately take after Anna whispers in her ear?
Shoots herself. A startling 69% were right. How many of you have actually seen this movie?
10) What is the name of Rosemary’s devil spawn baby?
Adrian. Just under half got this right, largely I suspect due to me throwing in the red herring name Damian (from The Omen of course) which was chosen incorrectly by 38% of you.
11) As an American Werewolf in London, where is David when his final transformation occurs?
In a cinema. An above average 61% were right here.
12) Armed with electrical devices, where do Jay and friends lure the entity as it follows?
Swimming pool. A very recent, very memorable scene, so no real shock that 82% got this right.
13) In Possession, what does Anna attempt to do with the electric knife during an argument?
Cut neck. There was only 1 entrant between the 40% that got it right, and those who chose the wrong answer Cut wrists.
14) What was the name of the Italian rock band that scored much of the Dario Argento film Suspiria?
Goblin. Pretty tough one if you are not a super-geek or had Google at hand. 56% conquered.
15) Who is the last crew member of the Nostromo to be killed by the Alien?
Lambert. Extremely close this. A measly 30% got this correct. Not far behind there were 28% that both said Parker and Ash. The most alarming is the 14% that chose Jones – the cat. Shame on you.
16) In the final moments of Audition, what does Asami use piano wire for?
Cutting off feet. Exactly half of you were correct.
17) What physical action of Regan’s interrupts and alarms the party guests?
Urinates on carpet. 80% were correct here.
18) In the first Paranormal Activity, what relevant object is captured on video catching fire?
Ouija board. Just 49% chose the right answer, while 32% chose Crucifix.
19) What was the name of the Baxter that tragically drowned?
Christine. Although the majority of 36% chose correctly, it was extremely close between all four answers.
20) In The Omen, what does Mrs. Baylock do to Katherine once she gets into the hospital?
Pushes her through window. The only answer on the entire quiz were the majority chose incorrectly. Just 30% chose the right answer, while over half said Smothers her with pillow.
21) What happens to Nancy’s mother in the final moment of A Nightmare on Elm Street?
Pulled through the door. Very memorable moment, and 69% were correct.
22) What is the name of the pop-up story book from The Babadook?
Mister Babadook. Nice and easy that one – 85% got it right. 
23) In the original movie, according to the Broadway slogan, Kong is the eighth what?
Wonder of the world. 97%, not sure what the other 3% were thinking.
24) In 2016’s The Witch. what happens to baby Samuel as Thomasin plays peek-a-boo with him?
Vanishes. Another very recent film, so not really too surprised with the 90% success rate.
25) How does Danny trick Jack during the snowy hedge maze pursuit?
Follows footprints backwards. A classic moment from a classic movie, with 72% getting this correct.
* * * * *
Fangs very much to you all for taking part, it was frightfully fun to compile, and eerily eye-opening browsing through the responses. I hope you had a bloody good time exorcising your brains. As for the rest of you, the power of quiz compels you.


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