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There Can’t Be Many Owl Movies

So while I was in Greece last week, I saw a movie about owls. A computer-animated movie. I did not see the whole movie, it was clearly, judging by the intensity of the action and the dialogue, somewhere in the third act. So I had missed quite a bit. But we just happened upon on this, while flicking through the TV. We being my daughter and I. And as always, or at least mostly, when watching something with a two year-old, my attention is sustained, while the child is occupied elsewhere. Playing with (unlit) candles in a log-design candle holder. Looking over at her mama. Squeezing and making quack-quack the tiny rubber duck. Watching the little dog. And sometimes her eyes would go back to the TV, where mine barely left.

This owl movie was pretty dramatic, and action-packed, and epic – I recognized instantly the music used in one slow-motion scene to be The Host Of The Seraphim by Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry). You would find that on my “most played” music. It also had what you might call violence, so I started pondering immediately if this was a kid’s movie or not. Not wholly, I was watching it.

I started asking, does anyone know what this movie is. I was asking anyone in the room, or maybe myself. I wasn’t being too direct or urgent about it (I was more bemused and intrigued I would say). Nobody else was watching. Greeks are not ignorant at all, they just talk to each other about everything and anything. Or they were then, at that moment. Plus there was a new born baby and a little dog in the room, so without it being super hectic, everyone in the room was engaged in this or that. So the fact I was alone in this, was not really helped by the fact when I pressed the “i” button on the remote (you know, the all-incisive information button) I saw the move title, except it was in Greek. I looked around, to see if anyone caught my eye, so I could ask them what it said, or if someone would just offer. But their engagements and my politeness – we’ll call it – meant I would have to Google it at some point. Very soon.
I continued watching the movie. It was pretty good. Had an element of Star Wars to it. And The Lord Of The Rings. There were owls swooping about, among fire or trees or darkness. There were owls with noble beards, evil owls with masks, a young female owl (the love interest?), and a young, brave owl (the hero?). And many other owls. I was struggling to make sense of who was good and who was bad, or rather who was fighting who. As I got the gist of it, the movie seemed to be coming to a close. Two owls, who seemed to be brothers, but now enemies somewhere were, well, I won’t spoil it. Plus, I feel I will see this in its entirety, from start to finish. The daughter, who at this time I was nudging and gesturing for her to look at the owls. Partly to entertain her, but also partly to be not the only one watching this.

I was going to Google “owl movie”, but as the end credits rolled I actually saw names I recognized. Like Abbie Cornish, Joel Edgerton, Helen Mirren, Sam Neill – it started to occur to me this could be an Australian movie. So I now knew it would be easier to find. This turns out to be Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. I have to admit, I was not impressed with the title. Certainly not after the anticipation. But I am pretty eager to see the movie in full. I say I, I mean we, the daughter and I. I will watch it for her. Sure. I mean, her name refers to the goddess of wisdom (among other things). So, you know, owls are important.


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  1. Sarah McLean Sarah McLean December 9, 2014

    This is “Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole”, one of my most favorite animated movies! It's based on the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books by Katherine Lasky. The books are far better in terms of plot; I highly recommend reading them! The first six focus on Soren (the hero of the movie). The plot of the movie is hard to follow and includes some characters made up by the moviemakers and not in the books at all! The movie is really about the incredible animation and soundtrack. Speaking of, thank you so much for giving me the name of that song, “Hosts of the Seraphim”. I will download it as soon as I can! Enjoy the books!

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