Vote: The Greatest Performances of Al Pacino

Al Pacino

So it’s Al Pacino’s birthday next week. We were going to through him a surprise party, but the last time we did that for him he pulled a tantrum when we wouldn’t say hello to his little friend. I told him he was out of order, he then told me I was out of order, that the whole room was out of order. Some time later he suggested I go fishing, which I turned down. I was busy that day babysitting some blind dude.

Instead we decided against splashing out on swish party, I mean, what am I supposed to do, rob a bank? Here we have a poll for everyone to vote for their favorite / the best performances by Al Pacino over a ridiculously great career. I’ve not included a few of his lesser roles, but did add three of his TV roles. Plenty to choose from nonetheless. You can tick up to 10, and the poll closes in seven days.


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