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Watch: Tribute video “Robin Williams …a friend like you”

Robin Williams

Man oh man. How do you pay your respects to man who is no longer with us? And not just in the literal sense. A master of comedy, drama, stand-up, brightening up our worlds.

Tragically, Robin Williams left this world 4 years ago today. I could honor the ultimate funny man every day of the year, before and after his passing. On this particular milestone, I swept up the views of some of the like-minded film folk from my own movie stratosphere. And asked them what they loved about Robin Williams. Their favorite roles of his. The impact he had on their lives. Ultimately, I just let them have the floor, and put together a 10 minute documentary short, featuring some of the poignant, cherished memories of Robin Williams fans.

With it, some snippets of his memorable work. Not all of it, not in 10 minutes – come on. But hopefully there’s a bit of everything here, I mean, wasn’t that kind of the nature of Robin Williams? That he could touch us all in a variety of ways, emotions, and times of our lives. Watch the video now. A huge thank you to those that contributed (guilty parties below).

And a huge thank you to the vocal contributions:

Kira Comerford
Mary Palmer
Al Robinson
Bianca Garner
Brian Susbielles
Clayton Davis
Susan Wloszczyna
Daniel Smith-Rowsey
Misty Lynn Fraker
Chris Watt




  1. Al Robinson (@FilmFan1982) Al Robinson (@FilmFan1982) August 12, 2018

    Absolutely terrific Robin! You found such great clips, and everyone gave such wonderful thoughts on his person and his career. Very great job!!

  2. […] above all others; its glorious humour. The sublime and Golden Globe Award-winning performance of Robin Williams as the desperate father turned Scottish housemaid has stood the test of time, particularly after […]

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