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Woo L.A. Podcast # 8 – Goodbye Summer Cinema, Hello Fall Films

I sit out podcast number 8 with prior film-related engagements – and looks like I missed a 3 hour epic. The line-up itself is impressive, with regular host Al joined by his buddies Julia and Eric, with semi-regulars Jonathan, Joel, and Daniel along for the ride. It is a change of season of course, sun into wind, blockbusters into awards, and that’s whats on the table today. What really is the worst film so far this year? Is Get Out going into the critics awards with a winning run? Can Wonder Woman make the Best Picture 5? Let’s hear it.

The comments are open below for you to chat away about what you liked or disliked over the summer, and what you are excited about in the last chapter of the year. Also feel free to comment on the podcast itself.



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