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Writhe out of Hell: A Horror Movie Quiz

You clicked the link now, you have 7 minutes to live. Or at least, do this quiz. This quick horror movie quiz, to take us to Halloween. Flesh-eaters, sinister acts of violence, vampires, demons, and the devil himself. And more.

But enough stalling, come on in, close the windows, lock the doors, turn out the lights. Isolate yourself, in a snowed-in hotel perhaps. or one with stuffed animals. Focus on the 25 questions before you, don’t turn around, ignore those sounds. You have 7 minutes.

And no cheating, no Google, don’t kill the fun. For I will know. I am inside the house, behind the door, looking through the window, under the bed, in your head, I am in control now. And I won’t be responsible for happens if you are sill here in a few minutes.

Now, go. Go!

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Results of this ordeal will follow you, creep up on you, drag you out of bed, sometime around Halloween.



  1. CheGre CheGre October 15, 2016

    88%. I am ashamed. You should divorce me.

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