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Wanted Dead Or Alive: Horror Film Writing

I know a few of you are hard at work already conjuring up some words on the spooky genre known as horror. As Halloween quickly approaches, then, I am looking to cram the site with some fine horror movie writing. And I can’t do it all myself. I’ll be brief, but if anyone has something they would like to contribute I am open to discussion. And will likely publish accordingly. To give you an idea, here is the sort of thing I am looking for:
Masterpiece Memo – The random series here where anyone can write a piece praising a movie that they consider to be great, a review, only this month it would have to fit somewhere within the horror genre – I’ll be spilling my bloody guts on Suspiria and The Exorcist.
Movie Lists – 15 Bloodiest Deaths; 10 Spookiest Villains; 20 Films That Made Me Wet My Bed – you get the idea. I may also throw in a list of 10 or so rare creepy movies from the epic horror film marathon the wife have embarked on since late September.
Analysis / Critique – Fancy writing a think piece on the evolution of the horror film? An essay on the portrayal of women in the genre? An analysis of a particular period in cinema’s history? Anything you have to say, I will likely listen.
I’m happy to cross-post anything you may have already written / published, and will consider any other kinds of horror film writing you may have in mind. I may if I can muster up the courage attempt to put together a horror film quiz myself. We’ll see. All ideas welcome.
Please contact me by commenting below (Disqus is dead easy to use), or head on over to the site’s Twitter page here, the Facebook page here, or even email me:



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