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20 Imperially Quiet Star Wars Moments

So it is that time of year again, the clever play on words against today’s date. I, for one, need little reason to honor the great Star Wars phenomenon, so today I have chosen to pick 20 of the more quieter moments (I know, only 20?) from the A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi that are just as memorable as those space battles, lightsaber clashes, stormtrooper chases, At-At attacks, growling monsters, bleeping droids – you get the idea. Moments of the more serene variety, the looks, the reactions, the words that don’t need to be spoken, the actions that don’t need to be explained. May the fourth be with you, all day.

Love at first site – young Luke Skywalker sees the projected image of Princess Leia for the very first time, smitten. 

SW Love at first Sight

A blast from the past – hearing his old moniker of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ben is instantly fed some nostalgia.

SW Not heard in a long time

Not a real Stormtrooper – in disguise to rescue Leia, Luke makes a stromtrooper appear dazed and confused.

SW Confused Stormtrooper

Over to you Vader – Ben knows all too well the ongoing power he has should Darth Vader “strike him down”.

SW All-knowing Ben

One last shot – allowing the force to guide him, once last attempt at destroying the Death Star is a breath-skipping moment, for Luke, and us.

SW Bingo

True love foreshadowing – at the medal ceremony, there’s a subtle difference in the way Leia looks at Han Solo, jus’ sayin’.

SW Leia is in charge of her destiny

Hard to get – as feelings develop between Leia and Han, so does the tension, more directly led by the princess herself.

EB Leia fighting her feelings

Using the force – Luke has little choice given the freezing temperatures and the potential to be torn limb from limb by the wampa.

EB Luke using the force

The smug and the scorned – Luke gets a kiss from the princess, leaving Han in the cold, in the short term of course.

EB Smug and scorned

A huge parental clue – in a vision while hanging out with Yoda, Luke sees his own face within the Darth Vader mask.

EB Huge clue of fatherhood

Yoda’s disappointment – when Luke is unable to fully pull his X-Wing Fighter from the swamp, Yoda ponders on his student’s ability.

EB Yoda's disappointment

I love you; I know – as Han is about to be sent frozen to Jabba, Leia declares her love for him, of course he feels the same, it barely has to be said.

EB I love you I know

I am your father –  between the revelation and the Nooooo! comes a look you won’t see on any reality TV show.

EB I am your father

Leia hears Luke – almost at death’s door, Luke speaks out to Leia for help, and amazingly she hears him beyond her senses, turning the ship around.

EB Leia hears Luke

Jabba chokes – having caused more than enough trauma, Leia uses all her might to literally take Jabba’s breath away. 

RJ Leia kills Jabba

A friend in Wicket – stranded in the Endor forest, Leia meets a feisty, super-cautious little character.

RJ Wicket

Death of an ewok – in a rare genuine sad moment, an ewok shows despair at losing a friend on the battlefield.

RJ Death of an Ewok

The look of victory – finally instigating a lightsaber battle between father and son, the Emperor relishes his enemy falling to the dark side.

RJ The Emporer's glee

Humane Darth Vader – as Luke begs his father for help, we somehow see the pained man behind the dark mask.

RJ Vader Watches his son

He’s my brother – the relief on Han Solo’s face when Leia simplifies the difference in love she feels for him and Luke is priceless.

RJ He's my brother


Let’s hear your more subtle, under-stated, silent moments from the Star Wars franchise in the comments below. I’ll even let you talk about Episodes I, II, and III if you really must – I particularly like the end titles of all three films.

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  1. Courtney Young Courtney Young May 4, 2017

    Spectacular post! Love at first sight, smitten! haha love this!

  2. I love this! You have nailed all these moments. You even reminded me of some I had forgotten about. I’m gonna try and remember some you have not mentioned here.

  3. Lloyd Marken Lloyd Marken May 5, 2017

    Great post Robin, I really enjoyed it. A fantastic idea.

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