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50 Films For Christmas – Part 9 Of 10

Talk about leaving it until the last minute. Here we are at New Year’s Eve, and as promised the final ten Films for Christmas / New Year’s. Slightly different format for these, hoping providing some advice if you don’t have time to watch the movies. Here are the penultimate five:


Look At What You Have Achieved (The Hudsucker Proxy – 1994)

The success you have achieved in the last year is ultimately yours – even if others claim it as their own. Don’t bottle up your anger, sitting alone in a bar. Plan to dig out your hula hoop or frisbee, make amends with the ones you love. Nobody is going to stop the clock for you, or pause time. Don’t give up and you should land on the ground, safe and sound.

Hold The Liquor Til The Guests Arrive (200 Cigarettes – 1999)

If you’re hosting you’re very own New Year’s Eve party, my advice is not to dabble in too much booze in the anticipation that your guests might not arrive. These people have their own agenda remember. The teenagers have maybe hooked up with some punks. The care-free have perhaps crossed paths with the cautious. There might be sexual tension between best friends. The disco-fueled cab driver may be running late. Be patient. You’re no good to the guests in an alcohol-fueled coma.

Avoid Intrusive Work-Related Commitments (The Apartment – 1960)

Promotion may be on the cards, work-wise, or maybe you are just someone who struggles to say no. Perhaps there is someone you have your eye on, someone who elevates your moods, and brings you down to Earth. Regardless, your own sanity and desires are key here. I wouldn’t dare advise quitting your job, but consider settling down on New Year’s Eve, just shut up, and deal. Never mind what the neighbors will think.


Don’t Let Your Frustrations Get You Down (Boogie Nights – 1997)

I know, I know, your wife is over there, and she’s got some idiot’s dick in her. And there are people standing around watching. I agree, it is fucking embarrassing. Especially this time of year. Last thing you want is your fucking wife having an ass in her cock over in the driveway, right? Your thoughts should be elsewhere, I know. But, I mean, it’s New Year’s Eve. Leaving to go to your car to collect a gun, load it, before strolling back in to shoot dead your cheating partner and the is really going to put a dampener on things.

Don’t Go Overboard (The Poseidon Adventure – 1972)

Have some lavish planned this year with hundreds of guests? Are you all at sea with your last minute preparations? Thinking of scrapping the whole thing? Or going right on ahead first? I don’t care if Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Shelley Winters, Leslie Nielsen are in attendance of this luxury set-up. My warning still has legs. Whether you are planning all almighty gathering, or travelling from New York City to Athens, or just an over-zealous sense for adventure. You may have to wave goodbye to your New Year’s Eve. I’m just thinking of your own safety. Survive this, terrific, but certainly don’t go beyond that for a second outing. I don’t care if Michael Caine, Telly Savalas, Sally Field, Peter Boyle are in attendance.

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