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50 Films For Halloween ’17 – Funny That

What do you mean there is nothing funny about a pregnant slasher? Or zombies in a classical literary setting? Or a kind of vampire The Real World? Or severed heads in the fridge? Where the hell is your sense of humor? These 5 “horror” movies blend in wit, satire, back comedy, genuine laughs, and, well, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Murder Party (2007)

So we’ll start with a Halloween party you’d never attend if you knew what was to transpire. Not to say that it had bloodbath on the invitation, nor is there much trick or treat about this. Still, there is something comical about the throw-away gore that erupts from the party of the title. So many wicked costumes here (cheerleader, werewolf, Pris from Blade Runner), and some rather inventive, and accidental deaths too, but the film, as silly as it might get, carries itself to the gruesome finish line largely thanks to the rather ludicrous, witty exchanges.

h17 sha

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

With all the nonsense, repetition and unimportance of our reality TV culture, a forced knowledge of the popular platform goes some way to allow What We Do in the Shadows to work as a familiar, but refreshing take. The comedy portraying horror characters, vampires, in their every day lives, living together, socializing etc. They are ordinary folk, this and their naive, sometimes awkward way of life, provide splashes of humor – a quirky, eccentric bunch, with idiosyncrasies like you or I, just a different occupation. Quick-witted, accessible in its writing and directing, this is a vampire movie like no other.

The Voices (2014)

That Ryan Reynolds character seems to be a nice guy. Oh wait, he is a little odd, an outcast maybe, could just be lonely. His crush on Gemma Arterton won’t come to anything. Oh look, she agrees to hang out with him. This could be happy every after – whoa! There goes her head. And he’s putting it in the fridge. And now its talking. Well, this is new. Er, Anna Kendrick, probably not a good idea to get too attached to Reynolds, I mean, talking pets, bloody secrets. And there goes her head too. Oh my. And yet, in spite of this psychotic fellow, I am somehow sympathetic towards him by the end. Wow, great dance number to close the show.

h17 zom

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this classic literature, flesh-eating hybrid is actually a lot of fun. Fans of, or even those familiar with, Jane Austen, and that romantic, public responsibility way of life, will easily spot the alternative, parodied references to the etiquette and rigidness of that society. The fight sequences are all well and good, we’ve seen it all before, but perhaps not quite with this form of sartorial range. See it with a pinch of salt, too much of a good time to be had here to be a snob about it.

Prevenge (2016)

Alice Lowe’s directorial debut, in which she also writes and plays the lead, is a deftly comic look at not only the violent impulses perhaps women ought to express on the fucktard of the male species, this also forms a kind of satire of pregnancy that might just ring true. Lowe is simply perfect in the central role, expressing her own dialogue so naturally, there’s a strong chance you’ll not only see her point of view in all this madness, but you might actually side with the murderess, even before the end.

Hilarious horror is an important segment of the genre, which chilling chucklefests are you a fan of – comment away.


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