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A Birthday Toast to Emma Thompson

It’s one thing to have “actor, author, screenwriter, and activist” on one’s resume; its quite another to continue to realize them as competently as Emma Thompson. Well, perhaps “competently” is a bit of an understatement.

Call it her claim to fame, her livelihood, how she’s pays the bills. The gusto with which she attacks her characters, from angel to teapot, has snagged her over 150 nominations from various groups and landed her 57 awards. That’s neither a fluke nor signs of a passing fashion. At her best: colaberations with Merchant/Ivory, as screenwriter and actor with Ang Lee, her work with Mike Nichols in Wit and Angels in America, and her grand larceny of a performance in Sweeny Todd for PBS.

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show

Those memorable and hilarious acceptance speeches and appearances, most of which are on YouTube, are guaranteed to lighten any dark day.

 Then there is the more serious side. Thompson is a committed social and environmental activist for human rights and, with Greenpeace, our oceans and the Arctic.


 So here’s to you, Emma Thompson – we hope you are only getting started!

Here are just a few of her creations.


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