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For Your Consideration: Rosamund Pike (The Big Splash or Spaghetti With The Yeti)

When it comes to Oscar publicity to have to ask yourself what an actress would do to get her face out there. Show her versatility. Now, before I go any further, let me reassure whoever is reading that I do not believe Rosamund Pike’s upcoming Best Actress campaign will soar through the roof as a result of her, on more than one occasion, reading the bedtime story on Cbeebies (the BBC’s children’s channel here in the UK).

When I saw her this very evening (reading Spaghetti With The Yeti), I was quite frankly in a panicked state of excitement. Look, that’s Amy Dunne reading a children’s story. That’s Rosamund Pike on Cbeebies. The actress from Gone Girl. I was the only one in the house this excited. I was the only one on the house excited at all I might add.

It crossed my mind, sure, how coincidental this was. Forget the other movies right now, with Gone Girl alone, expect to see a few Ben Affleck movies scattered across the TV. David Fincher interviews and critiques on the internet. I’ve even seen Tweets about some movie list this or that, were the image is from Pride & Prejudice or Made In Dagenham. Images with Rosamund Pike in them. Coincidence?

When Rosamund Pike also read The Big Splash in June of this year I am sure she was just asked purely because she is a well-liked well-spoken English woman. There was no Oscar agenda. I mean, they’ve also had the likes of Simon Pegg, Ashley Jensen and Stephen Graham to read the stories to name three others. But Pike is certainly a great children’s story-teller (in fact, she’s super charming), and should the Academy see her reading The Big Splash or Spaghetti With The Yeti it would certainly demonstrate her range. That could be tongue in cheek, make of it what you will.


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