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Festival de Cannes 70: Meet The Jury

The following 9 chosen ones have until Sunday 28th May at the Closing Ceremony of the 70th Festival de Cannes to choose the prize winners In Competition, including Prix d’interprétation féminine / masculine (Actor / Actress), Prix de la mise en scène (Director), Prix du scénario (Screenplay), Prix du Jury, Grand Prix, and of course the Palme d’Or. One of the most familiar juries to many, let’s say bonjour:

The Jury of the 70th Festival de Cannes 

President: Pedro Almodóvar (Spain) — Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Emperor of Spanish cinema, Matador of the human heart, a lucid, emotive educator and inspiration to the beauty in men and women, and mothers.

Maren Ade (Germany) — Promising Director, dedicated Screenwriter, Producer, innovative creator of relationships with cracks and bonds on their travels, made a splash at Cannes with aid of a Bulgarian Kukeri.

Jessica Chastain (USA) — Actress, Producer, Goddess, Feminist, all round decent human being, where butterflies are not afraid to perch, but terrorist leaders ought to fear, almost got swept away in Cannes in that purple sheer dress. 

Fan Bingbing (China) — Actress, Producer, multiple award winner, general superstar of film and TV in China, who has recently dabbled in other countries including American blockbusters featuring Men of X and Iron.

Agnès Jaoui (France) — Singer, Actress, Screenwriter, Director, of fine social film works, a mistress of many trades, has been to Cannes before to collect a scroll for her talented words on musical talent and self image.

Park Chan-wook (South Korea) — Director, Screenwriter, Producer, downright prolific kick-ass old boy, with a thirst for vengeance, and most recently at Cannes with a genre-shifting adaptation to rival any handmaiden tale. 

Will Smith (USA) — Actor, Producer, and Musical man in black, once a fresh prince, but now seldom able to make awesome movie choices we once expected, neither robot nor legend, a movie star all the same.

Paolo Sorrentino (Italy) — Director and Screenwriter of lavish, lingering, surreal, seductive films about long lives, decades of exuberance and success, but ultimately a place in time to look back and ponder.

Gabriel Yared (France) — Music Composer of a French Indochinese love affair, a potentially upsetting family reunion, and also a backdrop to a desert stormy tale of love, especially when it is 37 degrees in the morning.



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  1. Lloyd Marken Lloyd Marken April 30, 2017

    My God Jessica Chastain has a fascinating face. Equally sublimely beautiful in one shot and then remarkably masculine or androgynous in other photos. A true interesting actor’s face. Love that photo.

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