3 thoughts on “Film Twitter Needs To Learn More From Dixon, Among Other Things

  1. I love this so very much. Thank you for sharing. Twitter is such an interesting place. I’ve wondered for years whether or not my followers are what they are because I’ve chosen, for the most part, to stay above the fray, doing my best not to bully people who I don’t agree with. I’ve watched my controversial peers soar in terms of followers. It’s taken some time to really grasp this…but having different tastes does not make someone less smart than me. Or vice versa. I was pretty hard on people who thought Philip Seymour Hoffman was better than Heath Ledger back in 2005. Today, I understand that Timothee Chalamet’s performance checked all the boxes for me. Oldman’s did not. But today I respect the opinion of others and do my best to champion Chalamet on its own merits without taking any of his competitors down.

    1. Hi Brian! Glad you loved this piece. It’s difficult not to get passionate when Awards Season comes every year. Nonetheless we have to be careful that our passion doesn’t discourage other people’s point-of-view. When I began this journey, I made a lot of mistakes like this and have since learned from them. Sometimes, though, I get caught yet again in this web of extreme emotion, but every time less and less than the year before. It’s a learning process that we acquire with experience and maturity. I have a lot to learn still, so that’s why I try to be as open-minded as possible. Although, I admit that sometimes I just can’t deal with some people’s opinions, but instead of looking for a fight I just take a deep breath, fight in my mind against the tweet, and carry on. There are more important things to do out there than being in a feud with someone that, most of the time, we don’t even personally know. In the end, we’re all humans and because of that we don’t have to necessarily agree with every opinion out there, but we can be more respectful on how we express our opinion of something. Thanks for your reply and it was a pleasure sharing this with you and everyone that has read it.

      P.S.: I’m Team Chalamet too.

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