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Filmotomy Wants Film Writers *** Unpaid ***

Filmotomy now has the unwavering support of two recently appointed Deputy Editors in Bianca Garner and Steve Schweighofer. As the site continues to grow, the high demand to maintain and expand on the vast content means that Filmotomy now wants to acquire new film writers.

Filmotomy is not like the average website reporting on the huge film industry. We have always, and continue to, strive to shine bright lights across the alternative corners of the film world. Female filmmakers, LGBT cinema, film shorts, independent film, documentaries, the vastness of world cinema. There’s also series on specific directors, particular years in film, the more censored cinema, coverage of film festivals. Add to that the standard film news, trailers, reviews, awards season reporting.


So who are we looking for? Passionate, hard-working, creative film writers. Someone who can commit to meeting deadlines. Can communicate to a high level; including being a deft hand with social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. There is also opportunity to participating in larger projects, interviews, podcast episodes. The role, I must point out, is not paid employment.

We have a great, prosperous team, and are excited to add to that. Please check out the form below to show your interest. There’s a few extra questions to get an idea for film tastes. If you know someone who fits the bill, tell them to get in touch. We’ll respond rapidly to any contact made.





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