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Filmotomy’s Naughty or Nice of 2018: Joel’s List

We’ve taken a leaf out of Santa’s book, and have decided to reflect on the films of the year by determining which ones have been ‘good/nice’ and which ones have been downright naughty/bad. All of the team have put forward three films on their nice list and three for their naughty lists, giving their reasons why certain films have made the right or the wrong impression. So, grab a mince pie and some egg nog and join us to examine the lists. Ho, ho, ho!


The Hate U Give

The Hate U Give

This film broke me. I cried of anger, sadness, and joy, a variety of emotions, all evoked by the case of Starr, her family, and the struggle that comes with being black in the United States.

It’s nice being represented. It’s nice being heard.


Private Life

So far, my favorite of 2018. Its simplicity felt so refreshing in a year where films have been great, but very complex. The script makes every conversation feel casual and realistic, elevated by across the board amazing performances.

It’s nice to feel real.


Madeline’s Madeline

At first, I was confused. In the end, I was still confused — but with a better grasp on the particulars. This film deserves your attention for many reasons; from the subject matter to its form (talk about exceptional camera work and editing!), to the cherry on top being the discovery of the talented future star, Helena Howard.

It’s nice to find new artists.

Naughty candidates:

(Disclaimer: I liked these films, but not as much as I would have liked.)

Thoroughbreds f


The plot is perfectly fine and od adequate interest. The actresses are good too, especially Anya Taylor-Joy who keeps growing as a star, however, talking of the finished product… WHY ARE YOU SO BORING!? I’m sorry, I’m really not meaning to offend those who liked it, I just wish I was as entertained as them, and yes, I know this one’s on me, no worries.



With a message so deep (love you, Mom!), a soul animated by Charlize Theron, and Mackenzie Davis drumming the heartbeat, what could go possibly wrong with such a cinematic entity?

Well, that plot-twist felt pretty cheap to me. But, hey, at least it’s not Men, Women, and Children (2014).


The Tale

I loved how the subject matter from this film was handled – thank you, Jennifer Fox. Why is this in my naughty list then? Well, because by going directly to TV it assured another Emmy nod for Laura Dern when this might’ve been her vehicle for an Oscar.

And to me, that’s unforgivable.


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