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So, I Should Be Writing

This is, perhaps, the most common single strand thought I have. Perhaps. I have not checked, and would not really know how to check that. Upload the data from my thoughts onto my laptop? Even as I ponder on that ridiculous notion, I know I should be writing. And I don’t mean this post (though this site does have its purpose, and willing to let the branches of that purpose drift out gradually as it grows). No, what I mean is, I should be writing – movies. Scripts. I should be screenwriting.
Those out there who have ever attempted to write screenplays know that as a role, a job, a thing to do, it is not just about literally writing. Before you even go ahead and starting writing the movie there is reading to be done. Research. Hours of just thinking. Looking at photos of actors you may want to cast. Then watching clips of their movies. Or the whole movie. And it’s sequel. Picturing the words you have not even written yourself as a movie. Already! So, I should be writing. 


Having finished two fish finger sandwiches, I find myself drawn to Abney and Teal on the TV. A children’s programme from the BBC about two, I would say, soft doll people, who live on a park on an island. Or so the opening song goes. Teal is definitely a girl (doll?), but the wife and I have several times wondered what Abney is. I should Google or Wikipedia it at some point.

So, that is on the TV, not because I watch it, but rather my two year-old daughter is a fan. She never told me that in so many words. I mean, the angel only has so many words in her vocabulary – some Greek, some English. But I know she is loving the fish fingers I cut up for her with her London 2012 spoon, and yet she is still staring onto the island where Abney and Teal seem to be in a tight spot with the cold weather making most things frozen. It was then I, in my own head, found myself questioning the plot of this, almost entirely forgetting this is not for adults, but rather children. Children like my daughter, who is two. And eating those fish fingers she loves very slowly.
I have no intention of writing for toddlers, but it was a distraction all the same. Is a distraction. Like many, many other things that just appear in life. Football (soccer) is another one, especially today, Saturday, when most of the games are played. Distractions. This happens a lot, when I really should just be writing.


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