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Knife+Heart To Be Released in UK Cinemas and on MUBI in July

Introducing Yann Gonzalez’s latest horror/thriller Knife+Heart – a wild, erotic pastiche of European giallo, American grindhouse cinema and ’70s gay pornography.

After gay porn producer, Anne (Vanessa Paradis) experiences a dramatic breakup from her girlfriend, she takes on her biggest film project yet in order to block everything out. But just as Anne’s life reaches peak chaos, one of her stars is brutally murdered. And it soon becomes apparent a serial killer is killing each cast member one by one.

Shot on 35mm and boasting a distinctive soundtrack from M83, Knife+Heart takes inspiration from Dario Argento, Brian de Palma, Kenneth Anger and William Friedkin’s Cruising while still managing to carve (pun intended) it’s own style and vision.

Knife+Heart will be released in UK cinemas and on MUBI on 5thJuly 2019, coinciding with the streaming service’s pride month.


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