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Listmania: Al’s Top 5 Samuel L. Jackson Characters

Samuel L. Jackson is arguably the most badass character actor of all-time, and so many of his characters have been memed and parodied out of respect. He’s a Legend of Hollywood now, and is the highest grossing actor to ever grace the silver screen. He’s also become one of my favorite actors, and I still love his shtick. I’ve seen 41 of his movies so far, but it would take me a really long time to see them all since he’s been in way over a million movies… Or at least so it seems. Ranked here are my five favorite characters he’s played.

SLJ Kong

5. Preston Packard (Kong: Skull Island)

*So far for 2017, Preston Packard wins the award of “this guy is “up to something” (coined by The Third Act Podcast, who got the idea from Ian “The Minister” Thomas). I’d swear he has a death wish, but honestly, I think he’s just too pissed off to even realize something like that. Revenge is his game here because Kong killed some of his friends, and he wants to get even.

SLJ Park

4. Arnold (Jurassic Park)

*Given all that happens in Jurassic Park, it’s a high compliment that I single out Arnold in Jurassic Park. He was just a guy trying to keep everything together, but couldn’t seem to get the better of Nedry (Wayne Knight). I love how he always had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and of course, when he said the line: “Hold on to your butts.” Classic.

SLJ Right Thing

3. Mister Señor Love Daddy (Do the Right Thing)

*What makes MSLD so great is that while all of the other people in the neighborhood are getting into trouble and stuff, he’s just sitting back and watching it all from his perch at his radio station on the block, and playing music and telling people to chill and get along.


2. Nick Fury (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

*Maybe the best character in the whole saga of the Avengers, because he’s in charge, and doesn’t have to take shit from anyone, especially Tony Stark and Captain Rogers. He’s always got a trick up his sleeve, and for all of his badassery, he’s wearing an eye patch. How many other actors can really pull that off?… (The correct answer is none)


1. Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction)

*It was always gonna be Jules, and it always will be. It’s Samuel L. Jackson’s signature characters. Jules is the most quoted, and especially his “what” moment and his bible passages. He’s a great character because he is the epitome of cool, and also that his character has such a wonderful arc going from hired goon to wanting to walk the earth and contemplate life.

Which ones are your favorites of his? Comment below.



  1. eternalthoughtz eternalthoughtz May 9, 2017

    Mannn, Don’t forget about Shaft, Die Hard With A Vengeance, S.W.A.T., Coach Carter, Jungle Fever, and Unbreakable. yeah, he’s that dude!!!

  2. dbmoviesblog dbmoviesblog May 10, 2017

    I think his performance in “Pulp Fiction” immediately stands out in the minds of everyone. It is just that kind of a film. I personally like him in 1408, an underseen film.

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