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Superbowl Listmania: Al’s Top 5 Football Movies

The time is now upon us to crown a new champion in the National Football League. Today is the Superbowl, and millions of people will be watching the Atlanta Falcons (NFC) vs the New England Patriots (AFC) in Houston, Texas. Since I don’t care for either team, I would much rather be watching a movie, especially one featuring football. After some contemplation, based on what I’ve seen, these 5 are my favorites.


5. Friday Night Lights (Peter Berg) – October 8, 2004

This is a great movie period. But as a football movie it’s even better. Seeing how these players work together when they’re coming from so many “me first” perspectives is interesting. Also, any time that Billy Bob Thornton is in charge it’s a plus, this time as a coach. Plus, it’s bonus that the movie inspired the fantastic NBC TV show.


4. The Replacements (Howard Deutch) – August 11, 2000

This is likely the funniest football movie I’ve seen. The idea of the pros going on strike and then getting scrubs to replace them is great. Add Keanu Reeves as the quarterback and Orlando Jones as a receiver, and you’ve got a winning combination. Best line in the movie is when the coaches put a sticky substance on Jones’ hands and he says “Now you know this don’t look natural Coach. now you know it don’t… I look like I just jacked off an elephant.” LOL – classic!


3. Remember the Titans (Boaz Yakin) – September 29, 2000

What makes Remember the Titans great is that even for having come out back in 2000, it still feels completely relevant in today’s society. It’s a great true story about the white and black players being integrated together into one team, and how much compassion and understanding it took for them to work together. I also love how this is the first appearance of Hayden Panettiere and an early appearance of Ryan Gosling.


2. Any Given Sunday (Oliver Stone) – December 22, 1999

Oliver Stone always knows how to make provocative stories about people. What should be a simple story of a third-string QB in Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) who gets his shot at being the star, into a frenetic one about all the other craziness that goes on on a professional football team. It’s football, drugs, sex, and partying all rolled into one. Love it.


1. Varsity Blues (Brian Robbins) – January 15, 1999

It’s about high school football in West Texas that’s a mix of comedy and drama. What’s not to love here. It’s got a pre-Fast & Furious Paul Walker, and a Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) as the QBs who lead the team to victory and get to be the popular big men on campus. Maybe the best thing in the whole movie is getting to see the Tweeter touchdown dance. That and seeing him steal a police car and drive it around town with two beautiful naked women. It’s all good.


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  1. Robin Write Robin Write February 13, 2017

    The use of Moby’s music in Any Given Sunday is great.

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