** LIVE VOTING ** The Actress and the Actor

All Four Acting Category Final Results Here

And now we are down to this. The women. And the men. There’s no President Idi Amin, no Truman Capote, no Colonel Hans Landa. There’s no Queen Elizabeth II, no June Carter, no Margaret Thatcher. We discover who we have, as a collective, voted for as the Oscar-winning performances of the century – one man, one woman – regardless of their category. Results.


Oscar-Winning ACTOR Performance of the Century



And the Oscar goes to…

** Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood **

Oscar-Winning ACTRESS Performance of the Century



And the Oscar goes to…

** Natalie Portman for Black Swan **

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4 thoughts on “** LIVE VOTING ** The Actress and the Actor

  1. As much as I didn’t want to vote against Heath Ledger, ultimately I did because Daniel Day-Lewis is undeniable in There Will Be Blood. I also voted for Natalie Portman in Black Swan because she game me chills and thrills in that film. So a great character to portray in such a nervous film.

    1. Natalie Portman has done amazing here with voters. Beating Marion Cotillard by one single vote, who had beaten hot picks Helen Maureen and Charlize Theron previously. Could she possibly beat DDL in tomorrow’s overall final?

      1. Wow! That was close then. In terms of it Natalie Portman can beat Daniel Day-Lewis…. hmm. I think the outcome will be really close too, but I can see it happening. Ultimately though, I see Day-Lewis winning it all, but I think that’s only because there are probably more fans of There Will Be Blood than of Black Swan. But I could be wrong. We’ll see. Can’t wait!

  2. My comment didn’t post so I’ll try again. Voted Heath & Lupita. DDL is the best living actor no contest. But Ledger’s Joker went places nobody dares go. As a member of Team Cotillard, I couldn’t vote for Portman. So there you go.

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