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Filmotomy Podcast Episode 30: Was 1983 Such A Poor Year For Film?

Podcast 30 already, and we rewind all the way back to 1983 to discuss the notion of it being one of the very worst years in cinema. Is it really? Filmotomy Deputy Editor Steve Schweighofer is your host this week to help us investigate. He recruits the varied film expertise of Daniel Smith-Rowsey, Rob Motto, and Robin Write to join this week’s squad. The gurus look at the films of 1983, both the bad and the good, as well as what was happening in the world to make sense of it all. Please subscribe on iTunes and / or SoundCloud, and let us know your views on the year in question.

* Excerpts from: “Terms of Endearment” score by Michael Gore, “What a Feeling (Flashdance)” by Caroline Costa; Trading Places, War Games, Rembetiko, The Right Stuff, Return of the Jedi, The Meaning of Life; Barbra Streisand at the Golden Globes, 1984, Johnny Carson at the Academy Awards, 1984.



  1. […] to play a game. Instead, he enters into the game of all games, to end the world. John Badham’s underrated cult classic is simplistic in its execution of its ideas. But relevantly powerful in its message of the […]

  2. […] There’s a general feel about 1983. That the commercial film world took its foot off the gas to some degree. I mean, there were some genuinely moving stories. There were films that excelled technically. And what seems to be as per usual, a stream of international cinema slipping through the net. Some, dare I say it, many of you have not even heard of 35 years on, let alone seen. Angst is one such black sheep. Riddled with the grotesque, feelings of inevitable dread, and that can’t-look-must-look nervous reaction by default. […]

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