Woo L.A. Podcast – Live Not At The Oscars

Hey everyone, Robin, Joel, Ryan, and I enjoyed doing the special podcast so much that we wanted to do another one during the Oscars. We Skyped for over 6 hours, and I decided to try something and cut it down to just under 2 hours (including the intro and outro song). Jonathan Holmes and my roommate Julia Bertram, make their podcast debuts here and they were naturals. We had so much fun watching the show and laughing with each other, and I hope that you enjoy listening to all the madness. The Best Picture mix-up was really crazy, and you can tell by our reactions. Thanks for listening everyone!

Ryan Adams (@filmystic)

Julia Lee Bertram (@Reality_Diva1)

Jonathan Holmes (@MisterBrown_23)

Joel Meléndez (@JoeM_136)

Al Robinson (@AlRob_MN)

Robin Write (@WriteoutofLA)


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