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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #15

For very different reasons I love television, Richard Linklater, screenwriting, and Melanie Laurent (Let’s play ‘Watch, Worship, Work On, or Wed’) – and they all feature in my usual (and hopefully worthwhile) mixed bag of recommended reading, listening, watching etc. Before you get lost in all of that though I have to nostalgically plug just a snippet of the consistently excellent work from the team at The Dissolve, who sadly closed their curtains on their incredible website last week. In the realm of media and film journalism this is really bad news. For me, the site has been inspirational in not just a source of excellence but also motivation for me to continually make my own site better, bigger, ultimately valuable. I’ll stop there as I do have something in my eye.

In Robert Altman’s Nashville Every Detail Contributes To The Big Picture, by Andreas Stoehr (The Dissolve)

How Aliens Set The Gold Standard For Supporting Casts, by Genevieve Valentine (The Dissolve)

The Virgin Suicides Is A Window Into Sofia Coppola’s Fixations, by Genevieve Koski (The Dissolve)

Listen: 39 The Dissolve Podcasts, by Various Members of The Dissolve Staff

Editors Keith Phipps And Scott Tobias On The End Of The Dissolve And The Future Of Film Criticism, by Sam Adams (Criticwire)

10 Films That We’d Love to See Become Successful TV Shows, by Megan McLachlan (Awards Daily TV)

LWLies 60: The Eden Issue, by Little White Lies

Watch: 45-Minute Discussion With ‘Before Midnight’ Trio, posted by Jack Cunliffe (The Film Stage)

Under The Circuit: Melanie Laurent, by Michael Balderston (Awards Circuit)

30 Things About Screenwriting: Facing The Odds
by Scott Myers (Go Into The Story)

How Does An Aspiring TV Writer Get Discovered By An Agent, by Priyanka Mattoo (Split Sider)


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