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Reading, Writing, Arithmetic #7

Throwing myself into TV Writing and Screenplay work in the month since those pesky Oscars left us alone, I have understandably no been reading or surfing or browsing as much as normal. Oh no, I have to write movies and watch loads of TV, my life is so hard, boo-hoo. But seriously, I still want to find the time to keep this blog up and running, which does include shouting out to other hard-workers out there.
Firstly, two huge events in my eyes that I would call “unmissable” were I tragically not able to attend either. Following a discussion over at Twitter with Liam and Al, I was drawn to the amazing array of world cinema showing in Bloomsbury next week is enough to make anyone explode with envy. And the films of Hal Hartley being shown with the man himself over in Los Angeles is making me very upset. Not sure how many people understand how this guy and his movies inspired me when I was starting to love and write movies seriously. I could literally cry I will miss that, I swear.

The Films Of Hal Hartley
His Films, And In Person, Over The Month Of April In Los Angeles (Cinefamily)

Auteur Film Festival
A Week-Long Festival Dedicated To The World’s Greatest Filmmakers (Curzon Cinemas)

7 Great Irish Indies
In Honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, by David Canfield (Indiewire)

Best Director
Why We Don’t Make Women into Icons, by Sasha Stone (Awards Daily)

Water Cooler Podcast
Episode 14: Guilty Pleasures, with Craig, Clarence, Megan, and Joey (Awards Daily TV)

Refresher: Emmys 2013
Contender Interviews, Tatiana Maslany Q&A For Orphan Black, with Rob Licuria (Gold Derby)


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