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Review: Suicide Squad

By The Greek

Colourful, vibrant, flamboyant and… bad. I mean… Transformers bad. No, not even, since this had potential to boot. Jared Leto’s grinning face has plagued us for months. He was everywhere; social media, ads, trailers, tributes, dolls, bobbleheads, posters, clothes — the cleverly marketed, entirely fabricated hype proved successful in its dictation. People had been swept off their feet, the excitement was unbearable. Yes. The Joker was everywhere.

Everywhere but in the actual movie, that is.


Instead, all we get a bunch of juvenile supervillains there to sort of justify Quinn’s provocative presence with an appropriate frame of idiocy. If everyone surrounding her behaves like a trigger-happy, incompetent buffoon then, by comparison, the pig-tailed, skimpily-clad kitten acting like a teenager high on sugar and red-bull will seem more in place and less of, oh, I don’t know… jailbait?

Do not mistake this for anything other than what it truly is. A devoid of any kind of coherent plot or entertainment value of a flick that is blatantly structured with the sole purpose of putting Harley Quinn in front of the camera and monetize on her distorted sex-appeal and demented innocence.



  1. drewkiercey drewkiercey December 28, 2016

    Review: It was bad, really, really, really bad. Worst Joker ever. The supporting characters were ALL UNNECESSARY. DC should just dig a hole and bury itself forever right now. This was the last straw.

    • The Greek The Greek December 28, 2016

      I’m with you. Sadly, I don’t think they’re done milking this particular cow, no matter how sorrowfully malnourished they keep it. The sourness of the end product making little difference to certain palates, there will always be someone willing to gorge themselves on it.

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