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Review: The Big Sick

USA Theatrical Release – June 23, 2017 (Limited), July 14, 2017 (Wide)

Director – Michael Showalter

Screenplay – Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani

Cast – Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano

Synopsis – Kumail Nanjiani deals with the ups and downs of his relationship with his girlfriend, when an unknown illness occurs and threatens to tear them apart.


STORY – I found the story to be really good. It deals with things that we’ve seen before, but in a unique and tender way. It blends humor and serious topics perfectly. It never feels overwhelming even when it goes into some dark situations. I really enjoyed the ending, and it made me feel good.

CHARACTERS – I liked all the characters in the film, and generally found them to be endearing and warm. Their actions all seemed justified, and even though I had a hard time with Kumail’s mother since she was too stuck in her ways, but I at least understood where she was coming from. Kumail and Emily are my favorite characters and they were so cute together.

PACING – I thought the pacing worked well and had no trouble staying with the story.

OVERALL THOUGHTS – I think this is a great film and I really enjoyed seeing how Kumail and Emily met and fell in love. This is easily the best romantic comedy of the year.

SCORE – 9 out of 10


Best Picture

Best Supporting Actor – Ray Romano

Best Supporting Actress – Holly Hunter

Best Original Screenplay


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