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Watch: 9 Hours of Christopher Nolan

Had enough of watching Christopher Nolan’s films? Sick and tired of talking about his themes and cinematic eye (though you must read this)? No longer want to debate the Netflix prospects for cinema? Maybe it’s time to get a deeper understanding of the filmmaker, his creative vision, and his collaborators. Like maybe Mark Rylance on the making of Dunkirk. Perhaps you want to see more images of Heath Ledger on the set of The Dark Knight. Okay, quickly:


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The following playlist is around 9 Hours of interviews, insights, his inspirations, influences, and some in-depth, innovative footage. Informative takes on the inception of his ideas, and invaluable behind the scenes videos of his films. Interesting indeed. A playlist that took hours to put together – mainly because I lost track of time watching these and many other videos. Grab yourself a drink and a snack and hit play while I attempt to wake up from this collapsing dream and sort out my bookshelves.


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