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Woo L.A. Podcast #3: Films From Birth

So we made it to the third podcast. This episode we talk about the upcoming aliens and baby Groot, before declaring our favorite films for each year of our lives on this Earth – a trend you’re all very familiar with by now. I am joined once again by Al (@AlRob_MN), Julia (@Reality_Diva1), and Jonathan (@MisterBrown_23). Big thanks to Al for his good work here, rallying the troops and editing the whole thing in super-fast time. We’re almost famous, so enjoy, and please comment.



  1. Steve Schweighofer Steve Schweighofer March 22, 2017

    I missed thhis little exercise. Not so little, really. My own films from birth:
    1950 All About Eve
    1951 A Streetcar Named Desire
    1952 Le salaire de la peur
    1953 From Here to Eternity
    1954 Rear Window
    1955 Pather Panchali
    1956 Un condamné à mort s’est échappé ou Le vent souffle où il veut
    1957 Bridge on the River Kwai
    1958 Popiól i diament
    1959 Compulsion
    1960 Breathless
    1961 Année dernière à Marienbad, L’
    1962 Lawrence of Arabia
    1963 8.5
    1964 Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    1965 Darling
    1966 Battle of Algiers
    1967 Bonnie & Clyde
    1968 2001: A space odyssey
    1969 Z
    1970 Il Conformista
    1971 McCabe & Mrs Miller
    1972 Le Charm Discret de la Bourgeoisie
    1973 La Nuit Americaine
    1974 Chinatown
    1975 Nashville
    1976 Network
    1977 Annie Hall
    1978 Days of Heaven
    1979 Apocalypse Now
    1980 Raging Bull
    1981 Gallipoli
    1982 Sophie’s Choice
    1983 The Right Stuff
    1984 Stranger Than Paradise
    1985 Brazil
    1986 Le déclin de l’empire américain
    1987 La ley del deseo
    1988 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
    1989 Field of Dreams
    1990 Good Fellas
    1991 My Own Private Idaho
    1992 The Crying Game
    1993 Schindler’s List
    1994 Ed Wood
    1995 The Usual Suspects
    1996 Trainspotting
    1997 Boogie Nights
    1998 Gods and Monsters
    1999 The Talented Mr. Ripley
    2000 Billy Elliott
    2001 No Man’s Land
    2002 Cidade de Deus
    2003 Les invasions Barbares
    2004 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    2005 Brokeback Mountain
    2006 United 93
    2007 Diving Bell & Butterfly
    2008 HUNGER
    2009 Un Prophete
    2010 The Social Network
    2011 Tree of Life
    2012 Life of Pi
    2013 Inside Llewyn Davis
    2014 Mommy
    2015 Sicario
    2016 Juste a fin du la monde
    2017 ?

  2. Robin Write Robin Write March 24, 2017

    Loyal to your Canadian roots I see. Some fine films here. Interesting Almodóvar choice. He’s right up there for me with Kieslowski. So many times do their names appear on my Film Honors. Will be publishing my 80s soon.

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