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Filmotomy Podcast Episode 37: Uncensored Cinema

WARNING: Some listeners may find this material disturbing. Good!

The new podcast at Filmotomy delves into the murky waters of uncensored cinema. Blood and guts, racism, controversy, political incorrectness, the grotesque, the strange, the horrific – you get the picture. Bearded Bianca Garner hosts the gore-fest, with nympho Jonathan Holmes, blasphemous Rob Motto, and blood-soaked Robin Write. In an attempt to grasp the concept of uncensored cinema, the freaks of celluloid pick some of their recommended films on the subject. Leave comments with your own examples. And subscribe via SoundCloud and / or iTunes.


Source films include: Do the Right Thing, Irreversible, Triumph of the Will, A Clockwork Orange, Possession, Freaks, Inside, The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence).




  1. […] Possession opens in West Berlin, the crosses implanted into the ground to commemorate the dead, and the dividing wall very much a part of the film’s surroundings. Polish director, Andrzej Żuławski, didn’t want to make a wholly political film per se, just scratch at the conflict with a statement. With it, the whistling, thudding, typical horror score from Andrzej Korzyński. Which is both a sign of things to come, but also a kind of red herring. This is not a horror movie as we knew them then, back in 1981. Or maybe even today. […]

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