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Femme Filmmakers Festival 2017: Day Three Program

Femme Filmmakers Festival — Day Three Program — Sunday 3rd September 2017

So here we are a Day Three of the Femme Filmmakers Festival already. And with it five more unmissable films directed by women, two features, and three shorts. See below for the feature film links, and in the meantime you’re only a scroll and a click away from making a start on the shorts.


Any feedback regarding the festival is welcome, not just what you have seen or are excited about, but also the general running of the event and the schedule itself. Enjoy the rest of the show.

Online streaming access for all 30 short films is easily accessible on the home page on the right hand menu.


A Portrait of Ga (1952) – Margaret Tait – 4 mins

* * * * *

A Million Miles Away (2014) – Jennifer Reeder – 28 mins

* * * * *

Speed Dating (2014) – Meghann Artes – 11 mins

* * * * *


The Bling Ring (2013) – Sofia Coppola – 90 mins

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* * * * *

Circumstance (2012) – Maryam Keshavarz – 107 mins

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Use the comments below to tell us what you have seen or plan to see. Otherwise you can as always follow the action on Facebook and Twitter.



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